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  1. I notices that this car has the adjustable thigh support. the passenger seat also seemed to have it also, but I couldnt find a button that made any change.....any comments on this? Does this seat adjust or not. thanks
  2. Vin # is 1G4EC11C0JB902970, it has all Leather interior (gray) is Claret in color, Im not sure about the steering wheel color but if I were to guess I would say black/silver R The seats have an ajustable thigh area....I am supposed to icl the car up on Saturday...thanks for the reply
  3. I have been looking to purchase a REatta for a while now. I found one last week that had only 49000 miles on it. It ran nice and the body looked grat. They were asking 7995 for it which I though was a bit steep. The problem was that whenever I stepped on the brake, the antilock brake light came on. I know that with this system ( I also have a 88 Eldorado Biaritz) it can become costly. The seller wouldnt budge much to put the sale together. I wasnt too impressed on how it drove, and was concern that the screws on the side of the console were all rusty giving me the impression of water damage. I did find a nice 88 Reatta with 91000 miles that I put a deposit on. It drives better then the one with 49K miles on it, and stopped with no problem...unlike the other. It has been repainted and looks good. The dealer seems to be quite nice and is working with me to make sure that I am happy, repairing some small items....Headlamp door for one. My concern here after reading your forums is problems with the Reatta. I cant beleive how many of these cars had such high mileage and are still on the road. Ive seen them with up to 300,000 miles. I guess Im a bit spoiled. I bought the Eldorado with 79K miles and is in mint condition. I hope that I am not buying a money pit. the only problem that I see with the car is that the speaker covers on the doors are torn... Interior is in great shape. My question....is 91000 miles on this car alot? The car drives very nice. what should I look for before purchasing it? Any information would be most appreciated. Thanks much
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