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    From the album: Buick Reatta

    Another one
  2. grkman1

    My Reatta

    From the album: Buick Reatta

    I have my Reatta a few months now, kept the stock wheels but added chrome ones, tinted windows (important for So. Florida) enjoy
  3. It has been a few months now since I got My Reatta, and I kept meaning to post the pictures Finally I took a few today. enjoy George
  4. I hope this doesn't sound like a stupid question, but the accumulator is inside the round metal oil filter type item. Its this item that is replaced. I dont ahve to go into the metal part...Right? The reason I say this is that someone had posted a cross sectional view of the accumulator showing the damage. Thanks George
  5. thanks guys You make it sound easy I appreciate your help
  6. Have read several posts about the brake accumulator replacement for the Reatta. I have run the tests and it seems that I need one. How hard is it to change this accumulator safely? I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has done this themselves thanks
  7. Thanks ever so much....Now I am curious to see what you mean about "fireworks" Ill have to do this as soon as I have some time. Again, thank you George
  8. so to remedy this problem, there are switches that need attention? Im not quite sure I understand where and how to fix the problem... thanks
  9. I was browsing Reatta's on Ebay this evening and came across Ebay #200047728792 , that shows a picture of the 88 CRT with the Logo Reatta from the CRT I never saw this on my 88, Unless I can make it do that...Anyone know how? Check out the attachment Thanks George
  10. maybe don can tell us how he did it?
  11. Brings up a good question.....can an aftermarket keyless entry system be added "Safetly" to the car??
  12. Thanks Phil Ill pass this information on George
  13. I have an 88 Claret with grey leather. This weekend my brother Joe bought a '90 (Thanks Dave) It is a great car and drives like new. As I was driving it home for him I noticed that besides not having the CRt computer, some features are missing such as MPG,Average speed, time to destination, engine diagnostics and other diagnostic testing Am I missing something.Can you get Average MPG and instant MPG as well as some of the other features the '88 has? thanks George
  14. Dave I am in West Palm I know someone who would be interested in the car. my email is Grkman1@aol. I am at work now and I cant let him know until I return home this evening. Wish I had the space Id buy it myself Email me your phone number thanks George
  15. Frank Your Reatta looks great. i bought mine about 2 months ago and have not taken any pictures of it as yet. Its an 88 claret with gray interior. I had the windows tinted for the south Florida heat and changed the stock wheels with chrome It looks great I should upload some picts also Good luck with your Reatta. I tried to find Raggatop sealant that you mentioned in your forum. I have a cabrio convertible that I would like to protect Can you giv me some more details. The top is a canvas top Can this be used on Canvas? Thanks George
  16. Why dont you get a bottole of Tempra watercolor paint from an art supply store, paint your wheels and see how you like it....you can always hose it off . Ive done things like this and it works well Good Luck George
  17. Brad I have my Reatta about one month now. I had been looking for them for a while an wanted something whereby I didnt have to pay $1000.00 in shipping to so Florida I guess I lucked out. the dealr that I bought the car from (DTAUTOMOTIVE in Longwood FL) was very thorough about the car, and seemd to had picked a good one for his lot. It just needed some mino thing, then I tinted the windows for the So Florida hear, and put some new Chrmoe wheels. Well I have to say it is an eyecatcher. EVERYONE stops me to talk about the car. I have 5 Cars, a New CRV, New MDX, New Passat and the last of the VW Cabrio's. the one I now seem to be using the most is the REatta. I originally bought it to keep and look at in the garage, but i love the way it drives sooo very much that I use it anytime I can Mine has 91k miles on it, had a beautiful paint job before I bought it, not a single scratch dent or rust makr. I paid $4000.00 and fo such a small amount i think I get the prestige of an exotic car when I drive it. Good Luck George
  18. Can anyone tell me how the coupe and convertible compare considering the convertible is 10 inches longer? I wonder how the ride and handling are. Thanks again
  19. That sounds great How do we go about doing this?
  20. The resurection of the REatta name would surely do go for the value of your cars
  21. Hey lets not forget the handbuilt, highly technical Buick Reatta. From 1988 to 1991
  22. The exhausts are black...not chrome
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