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  1. Congrates on the Reatta Very nice and Good Luck with it
  2. I live in Palm Beach County..my email is grkman1@aol.com I take it to a local guy Best George
  3. What is the best place to get an accumulator and what is its price??
  4. As long as it is safe driving with the yellow light on until I can figure this one out thanks
  5. Thanks for the advise. I appreciate your help
  6. I have the same problem, where just the yellow light comes on, and sometimes goes out. So what you are saying is that an accumulator can do this? My brakes work fine, the red light goes out after a few seconds. Thanks
  7. Hey my yellow light comes on but the re light goes off. The yellow light does sometimes go out when the car is in motion. The brakes work fine, no difficulty to stop What is the problem with mine and how do I remedy the situation Thanks
  8. Hey guys thanks for the info....as soon as I get a chance, I will try this Happy New Year
  9. Does anyone know where I can geet an owners manual for an 88 Reatta? Thanks
  10. Recently I am noticing that the dash lights and indicators do not light up right away when the ignition is turned on. It seems that it is taking longer then normal for them to light. I have no control of the heating/ventilating, nor radio during this time. After a little they will eventually come on. A few weeks ago I had to disconnect my battery to resent the computer. When I replaced the cable, I heard a ticking sound in the relay box. When I went to start the car, no indicators went on. I unhooked the cable then rehook, and everything came on. I just figured I hadn't done it correctly and the car wasnt getting enough juice. Hopefully I didnt ruin anything. Any comments on what it may be? Thanks
  11. Thanks....so how Im thinking this is going to end up being more complicated then expected
  12. Hey Randy In your last picture with the seats out I see thatt the radio module is showing. I bought one to replace but havent done so as yet. Do I need to take the drivers seat out to access the module or do I need to removed the console Thanks
  13. Thanks for the help I am thinking about taking the dash apart, getting the switch and spraying it like you said Padgett, with the spraying tuner cleaner/lube Thanks
  14. My shift lights and dashboard lights do not always come on right away. Sometimes I have to drive a while before they do. Are they by any chance attached to a light sensitive thingy to come on only when it is really dark outside? Thanks
  15. I like the spoiler. that could be my next project. where did you get it from?
  16. I got the rims from a local speed shop when I bought the car. The are Ruee wheels 18 inch
  17. Yes they are tinted. I love this car. It is in great shape and I am always getting people asking me what kind of car it is....
  18. One more .....they Ride real nice I wa surprised compared to the stock wheels
  19. OK Ill try this again....Picture #1
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