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  1. I just brought my 88 Reatta to a local mechanic because I noticed that the A/C seemed to be failing me. I had unhooked the battery and then rehooked it because I know at one time this helped to get it going. Symptons- Compressor keeps clicking on and off whether the A/C is on or not -Warmer air comping from the Vents
  2. Visiting a friend in Slatington Pa and as I was leaving saw a white REatta driving up I think Diamond street at about 930 pm Any club member by any chance>> Thanks
  3. How about something more south....like say.........Florida???
  4. Good Luck with your new Reatta. I am sure you will love it
  5. Beautiful My Dad bought one new. I remember it cost him $5400.00 Big difference from today. I would love to have one If you know of any other, let me know Thanks
  6. Wellington Florida here and you??
  7. I am in West Palm Beach Are you bringing the Reatta??
  8. I guess I should know this, but where would I find it?? Thanks
  9. It does run during heat and economy. It even runs when the system is off all together. Thanks
  10. Can anyone tell me why my A/C compressor continues to click on and off, even if the HVAC system is turned off? I have noticed this even if the temperature outside does not require the A/C to be working. Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  11. thanks for all your help The PB Blastr did Once I got in going there was no problem from there. I place the new accumulator on as directed but the Yello light still comes on. I am wondering if I ned to unhook th battery to clear out the or any codes. the CRT still says that there is low pressure for antilock....any suggestions??
  12. I will try anything thanks Are they usually this hard to take off??
  13. Yes pressed the brake at least 40 times until hard.....anything else??
  14. I am in the process of replacing my accumulator. Have removed the back cross member to get better access to it. I purchased an oil filter remover, and also have the hex that goes into the top. I just cant seem to untwist it. I dont want to add too much presure becuae I dont want to break anything. Am I doing something wrong? Please help thanks
  15. Date: Mileage: Source: Comments: 07/15/1988 31 Illinois Motor Vehicle Dept. Peoria, IL Title #N4647189 Title issued or updated First owner reported No it shows that the first owner was on 7/15/1988 Its difficult to cut and paste and have all the sentences line up like the original George
  16. I just ordered one for my car. It doesnt seem to difficult to install. Am I correct and saying that its similar to changing an oil filter after pumping the brake several times while the engine is off to eliminate the pressure? Thanks
  17. For us non Technical person, what does TPS stand for??
  18. The carfax report looks good Seems like there was only one owner Here it is A CARFAX Vehicle History Report is based only on information supplied to CARFAX. CARFAX checked over 4 billion vehicle history events and found 2 record(s) for this 1988 BUICK REATTA (1G4EC11C3JB901005). Date: Mileage: Source: Comments: 07/15/1988 31 Illinois Motor Vehicle Dept. Peoria, IL Title #N4647189 Title issued or updated First owner reported Loan or lien reported 09/07/2000 Illinois Motor Vehicle Dept. Peoria, IL Title #T0251313022 Title issued or updated Title or registration issued Exempt from odometer reporting Tell us what you know about this vehicle
  19. The wonderful world of Photo shop
  20. I just ordered one from GM parts direct. they say 7-10 business days to ship. anyone ever have a bad experience with them or are they on par with what they say thanks
  21. Hey Bob I live in West Palm Beach/Wellington and would love to know which Restaurant that was. Id like to try that sometime. My brother also has a Reatta we should both go George
  22. Here is a picture of mine
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