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  1. How can I change the time of my 1990 Reatta. I know Ive done this before but have forgotten. Thanks George
  2. 3-ML-113489-ML-<br /><br />Moved to Reatta Forum! RWB
  3. My Reatta gave off a check engine yellow light a month or so ago, and wit investigation I found through the codes that there is an issue with the cam sensors (what ever that is) I took the care to the car wash, and when I was leaving the car wash, the car started bucking and loosing power. I could bearly make it up a hill near my house. Can anyone tell me what the problem is with the cam sensors, is it expensive to repair, and could this be the problem. I just moved to Athens Georgia, and if anyone would know of a mechanic locally who is familiar with Reattas I would appreciate it. There is a local Buick dealer here, that I probably will bring it into Thanks
  4. Just yesterday my driverside headlamp would not come up. Upon investigation I found a rubber flap in the area was preventing it from rising. Once I fixed the problem, it then seamed that the lamp didnt respond, would go down but not. The motor would wine, and you cn see the manual deice spinning around My question, I hve seen on ebay various fix kits, one being the least expensive whereby the seller claims that most fixes require replacement of some internal prongs or such. Does anyone have any experience with these? Thank you for your help
  5. Ah OK it giving me a code for cam sensors....I need to find out more about that....I thought this worked like my Acura whereby once I service it (oil change etc) I can now reset the light to remind me when the next time I need to service. thanks again
  6. Anyone know how to reset the "Service Engine Light"? Thanks
  7. Today I started my 88 Reatta aftr about a month of non use. it said that I had some errors, and I went through the test check and found E041 and B671. one being the cruise control servo problem, which I knew about and the othe for "Cam Sensor" Can anyone tell me what this is, how to repair and is it expensive? Any info would be most appreciated
  8. I have my 88 about a year now and it has never gone through the "Light Show" Does anyone know what I can do or what is wrong with it that it doesn't do this? Thanks for your help
  9. When I try to use my cruise, the message that comes up is that it has been disconnected. Any suggestions as to what this it? I dont see anything unpluged Thanks George
  10. I had never known that there was a light show when you open the door. My CRT works find but no show....any suggestions would be appreciated Thanks
  11. My mechanic said that I need a front left brake sensor for the antilock system. The yellow light is on, and I have personally changed the accumulator to no avail. He said he tried to find the sensor but had no luck. Can anyone tell me where I can get one and about how much do they run? Thanks
  12. This is great to know. I am having some trouble with my mechanic with respect to knowledge on the Reatta and how it works. As I type it my Reatta has been in the shope several times for the same thing (A/C not working correctly) and the bill just gets bigger and bigger because of experimentation. Since I live in WEst Palm, I will definitely give him a call Thanks George
  13. Yes, I too would love to know about any meets here in Florida....I'd love to know of a good mechanic here also. I have my car in the shopt today for BCM issues and A/C They keep saying its fixed, and when I bring it home I find that its not...Every time I bring it in, they say its something esel and want more money... thanks
  14. I have replaced the BCM chips, I was getting a code B556 History. I unhooked the battery and now I have no codes, but I do show errors when I do a diagnostic test for everything, and the Air conditioning still doesnt work...any suggestions? Is there a way to program the chip/chips (system) from the CRT? I am very discouraged and frustrated. I have a brand new AC system, New chips, new ignition switch (that has messed up my tilt wheel and key now sticks in on position) and still the A/C doesnt work Help please Thanks
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