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  1. Anyone know if you have to stay for both shows? Ive never been to a grand national and would like to go but I would have to drive home on Saturday.
  2. Anyone know if there is enough trailer parking? I think I requested it on the registration form but the response I got didn't show it marked. I'am not sure if I forgot to check the box or if they ran out of space.
  3. Question about the camper parking at hershey. Is there room for a full size van with a trailer or do we need to drop the trailer at the trailer parking first? And do I read this correctly that you have to pay for saturday night even if your only staying Friday?
  4. Still looking. Cars almost done except for this part.
  5. Getting a second set of wheels sounds like a good idea. I never heard of issues putting radials on these rims. The current tires I have are radials and they seem fine but I never drove the car very far after I got it so I have no idea.
  6. I should have read the rules before I asked. I forgot they were online. I guess it does seem pretty clear I need to spend the money on tires. :eek:
  7. I am getting ready to put tires on my car and i wondered about the judgeing rules for tires. My original tires would be 6.95x14 bias ply tires. I see coker sells a reproduction bias ply but I was wondering if it would be acceptable use a modern radial of the same size. Ive been told the Firestone FR380 tire looks very close. My two reasons for doing this would be cost and drive-ability. I am too young to know how a car drives with bias ply tires but I keep reading it is awful.
  8. Still looking for this part. If anyone out there is doing a V8 swap and you have this part let me know.
  9. I need a part for a 200 CID engine from a 67 Ford Mustang engine. This part may have been used in the Falcon and other ford products with this size engine over a number of years. Its a small clip that holds the fuel and vacuum lines to the valve cover. Here is a picture of what I need:
  10. The rear bumper guard bracket that goes behind the rear valance. Should it be bare metal or black or some other finish
  11. I am looking for a good exhaust manifold for a 200 CID I6 engine that has the correct or close date code for a 67 mustang. All other date codes on the engine are currently from September 66. I have a complete I6 engine from a 68 Mustang with a C4 trans if some one wants to trade. I also have an assortment of parts from a 66 I6 engine. Contact info is in my profile.
  12. I have a nice drivers side front headlight bucket for sale. Email me for pictures. (email address is in my profile)
  13. I have a nice passenger side door. It did have a small rust hole in the lower corner but it was properly patched. Other then that it still has some pitting on the bottom edge. Would work as is for a driver, pitting will need to be addressed for a show car. I have pictures and i can ship the door though its always best if you can stop by and look it over in person.
  14. I am still not following all this. By the time i got around to that spot they were finishing cleaning up and loading the Buick away, and that was about 10:00. From what i heard this happened early like around 7:00 in the morning I know it was very foggy and wet in the morning so that may have contributed. But still the hill isn't that steep and how did the Buick get pushed that far.
  15. I am 23 so we young guys are out there. I have found the biggest problem is money. We don't have as much disposable income and all the older guys with a ton of money drive the prices through the roof. This means that if you get an old car it is probably the only car you will have for a while. So instead of restoring it the focus is on making it drivable, reliable, comfortable or safe.
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