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  1. Before throwing money at the car it wouldnt hurt to check your abs wheel sensors and make sure they are clean and free of obstructions and not bent out of place. Improper wheel reading will also kick on the light.
  2. Bill, no secret source for bubble wrap, but I've gotten expensive things shipped to me wrapped in *gasp* shop rags, so i know how rediculous it is to go cheap on the shipping and those aluminum valve covers do crack easy. Tom, i sent you a message to ask your mailing address/zip code so i can get you a quote. Ill pull it off tonight and try to get you a shipping quote soon as i can. Lou, just so you know also, the carrier I had used for softtop was UPS and it was from Arizona 85242 to Missouri 63303 @ $115, no idea what same thing would have been on another carrier.
  3. lol alan... I just wrapped it in about 8 layers of bubble wrap then stood it up on end and built a cardboard box around it... used large boxes unfolded so it was essnetially two layers of cardboard. also tucked several extra layers of bubble wrap around the glass window just to be extra safe. If memory serves correct, Ended up being 69" x 27" x 13" and weighing 89 lbs when it was all done. Probably cost a good $30-40 in boxes and wrap.
  4. You will be most happy, Ive bought TONS of stuff from Chris at TU over the years, including 2 turbos. I hope you got new oil and coolant lines too, they are well worth it. Hard top is on ebay now.. it looks better in the pics than it is, i tried to describe the flaws.. id say exterior outside is a 7/10. If anyone wants all of the wheel well trim, the photobucket links shows pictures, ill bubble wrap it and ship it all anywhere in usa for $100 shipped. taillights are 50 a corner or 100 for the center + shipping. Complete rear bumper in great condition will be available soon.. I am not sure of the value, im researching now, but i should be able to ship it.. shipping costs anywhere from 60 to $100.. its about the same size as the softtop and i just shipped the softop for $115, so should be less due to weight. Im thinking about 200+shipping for complete bumper with lights, top chrome wheel well chrome pieces will be in the wheel well package, so it will be missing that . Any offers?
  5. Sorry, turbos one of the first things that sold. A few posts back theres a list of whats been sold so far: Rad/ic/fan, turbo, oilpain/pickup, turbo hoses, grainger valve, shifter and cables, clutch, starter and boost gauge. Additionally now: daytona computer, alternator, crank, intake/exhaust manifold and misc engine stuff.
  6. Started going through the car, forgot there was a tool kit. Tool kit will start tonight at 8PM. Item # 250249940150 If anyone wants anything thats not listed on td.com or here, feel free to just throw out an offer. Armrest needs refinished, but ill ship it to anyone in USA for $25. Glovebox door? same thing, ship it to usa for $25. Most any random part will just be 5-10 + shipping, which usually is about 8-15$. Stainless steel trim around wheels, good condition, $130 including shipping for all four. Stainlesss door jams/striker plates, $45 shipped each or $80 shipped for both. Rear bumper is near perfect.. come take the whole thing for $150 or ill be putting the lights on ebay soon. Instrument cluster, odo stoped at just under 71,000. $45 shipped. Buy this one to drive your car while you wait for yours to get repaird. Everything is negotiable.. im not trying to get rich just trying to recoup some costs. Rear trunk lid without lights... $60 ?? With light, $150. Uhm.. Whole doors, decent condition some normal wear. leather is ok, glass ok. $100 each? Door that covers the softop... id say a 6 out of 10 condition, $20 picked up. Power seat assemblies, they all worked fine before... ill need to pull out to weigh before quoting a shipping price, but how about $30 each side+ shipping. "treasure chest door" has some small flaws, $20 + shipping, will include key for lock. Radio, lights up but does not work. can move the fader knob and it makes static sound. $25 shipped. Underhood heat liner/shield. Has some marks from where it rests on the struts, otherwise great condition.. pickup local for $60, will sell on ebay if no local takers. Engine wiring harness is still available, car ran fine. $120 shipped. 3" exhaust is still available... $275 local, or + shipping. 3" downpipe, fake 3" cat (hollow), 3" mandrel bends to back with a 3" magnaflow muffler. Tight fit, so you might want to adjust as you feel necessary. Hardtop- yellow. Looks ok, has some light scratches. Glass good. Side portholes have some bubbles around the side parts. $300 local pickup. obo!
  7. Jim, sent you a message, forgot to mention something about the throttle body having a broken plastic piece on the tps sensor. Not sure if you would need it or just wanted them for cores to port / repaint or whatnot.
  8. Hello, Paypal is drpsycho187@charter.net. They'll be shipped out via UPS monday. Oh I forgot to say about the wheel/tires, they will be next to the last items to go.. Im moving now and the car is not in a garage, but will be in July. Can't have it sitting on blocks "quite yet".. Tires are falken ze329 205/60/15. Sorry shouldve said earlier.. if it prevents the car from rolling, it will be available mid July (wheels, brakes, etc). Was looking for clearing 200 on the wheels and tires together.
  9. Your part will be out monday James. Jim, turbos been spoken for from a td.com member. Manifolds available. For both manifolds i was thinking about $75 which includes shipping. You got first call on them. Wheels/tires are in good shape. They have minor curb rash. Tires have only a couple thousand miles but ive made sure to move the car around to prevent flat spots. I really want to avoid shipping wheels as last i quoted it was between 150 and 200 to ship alone! Drivers seat is cracked enough you can see the foam. Passenger see is rough and cracking but not all the way through yet. I would say both unsuable. Update for everyone.. this is whats been sold so far... Rad/ic/fan, turbo, oilpain/pickup, turbo hoses, grainger valve, shifter and cables, clutch, starter and boost gauge.
  10. Ive had a few requests about the headlights and cornering lights themselves: All of the front clip lights will be on EBAY tonight- I couldn't come up with a price since there is such a wide range of historical prices.
  11. Is whats in this pic exactly what you need? http://i114.photobucket.com/albums/n259/drpsycho187/cornerwiring.jpg The one in the pic is rusted, but ill send the other one which looks perfectly fine. I guess the holder and bulb is all one piece, the bulb looks soldered on. The wiring will be from the drivers side, the passenger ones plastic clips were very brittle and broke Provided you are in the USA, I can either do $12 shipped via padded envelope, or if youre concerned about keeping the bulb safe we can toss it in some bubble wrap in a box for a few more, say $17 shipped UPS. I can only mail on monday and tuesdays, (work all other business days with no chance to mail), so if youre in a hurry ill double check paypal before 4pm today and get it out today. paypal addy is drpsycho187@charter.net
  12. I didn't think I'd be leaving this car this quickly either. Ill be lurking for another one.. ill be more patient with my selection this time, last time i picked the first i saw (huge mistake!).
  13. Lou, the armrest is horrible in traditional fashion. I suppose its usuable as a 'core', but not much more than that. Heres some pictures of the car and parts: http://s114.photobucket.com/albums/n259/drpsycho187/?start=all James, im not good with the whole left and right.. are you referring to wanting the passenger cornering light and wiring.. or just the light bulb plug and wiring for the light? Give me a day or two to do some pricing, I wasn't expecting people to jump in already!
  14. I thought really long and hard about this... and decided to help save other cars and reunite with a triple black TC later. I will be taking parts requests then i will let you know the specific condition/pictures. Ill get some decent pics up very soon of most the car. Ill be using comparable pricing from past posts and ebay to price items. <span style="font-weight: bold"> <span style="text-decoration: underline">First off though, The things that I know are bad:</span></span> The pulldown motor didnt work. Radio does not work right (lights up, scratchy speakers) Leather is bad. Front fenders and hood are a slightly different shade of yellow. Odometer does not work, cluster is on 7x,000 miles. Cylinder head is bad. Center console window seat switches have broken from the console. Shortblock has a broken headbolt in it, but im trying to take that out as we speak.- otherwise it had great compression and no noise. Axles are not correct for car. Front stainless steel (top of bumper) has a dent/scratch in the middle. Yes. It had a very rough life before me! I will post prices and the most common individual parts very soon. If there is anything specific you want, let me know. Car is located in Mesa, AZ, crossroads US 60 and Gilbert Rd for those interested in big stuff. Feedback can be found at:http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=drpsycho187&ftab=AllFeedback&sspagename=STRK:ME:UFS 6 years, 207 feedback, 100%. Thanks... and stay tuned!
  15. Good to know.. Ill check all of those. I also had a similar problem, but never bothered to check anything but the radio fuse itself.. i figured the clock ran off the battery power wire and the radio off a fused accessory line.. but never thought of checking any of the fuses outside of radio. Thanks for the info!
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