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  1. just call Dean and he can give you all the info... thanks Liz
  2. 2 matching 1938 oldsmobile fenders ..please call Dean for info and price 315-481-8058 thanks
  3. 2 matching Oldsmobile fenders for a 1938 oldsmobile.. please call Dean 315-481-8058 for details and info... i am putting this ad up for friend .. Dean has all the info and the fenders..... liz
  4. wow what a gorgeous job your doing on this spectacular awesome car...i love it......... the style and the color and the convertible...just wows me... good luck with the finishing touches
  5. Beautiful car... lots of luck and happiness with your new addition..
  6. This is the new upholstered front seat.. we will do all the rest in the fall...
  7. 2 olds magazines posted both our olds on the front cover this past dec.. so proud..
  8. wow it looks so much like mine except it is a 4 door... very nice..thanks
  9. thanks for this info .. i will definitly look into it...
  10. thanks:D i just may join eventually.. right now just had the front seat newly upholstered...after the show season ends we will get the rest of the interior done. The interior was okay...but the seat sunk in...so one thing leads to another..haha....we did it the original stock type.. and then hubby put in a new exhaust system.. we are off to first local show this coming sunday... i cannot wait to show her off for the first time...
  11. Lets see some pics please..i love the color burgundy... must look stunning.. i am in upstate ny.... love these cars too..but i love lucille the 55 olds too.... thanks..
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