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  1. A good place for information on towing is go to Uhaul site follow to trailer rental there is chart that says what you can pull with a given vehicle. Just use a 2007 Lincoln LT truck to pull a car from New Jersey to home a distance of 350 miles. Reserved trailer from home to pick up in New Jersey dropped off at local Uhaul had 4 days for use only charged around $180 with the optional insurance. Was a nice trailer had tie downs and everything needed. Worked great for us.
  2. Not sure about your system but I have a 1984 Olds 98 and 1985 Buick Rivera with the same type of system the air shocks due go bad but are a easy replacement and the air lines kit is a easy to find part at most parts store or if you find a leak in the plastic line due to touching a exhaust system pipe or due to rubbing a repair fitting is easy to find at your local parts store use a coupling. Also check the electrical connections for poor contact. check to see if the link to the level switch is connected. The switch has a built in time delay to raise or lower car as load dictates. Not sure of 91 manual but the ones for my car make troubleshooting pretty easy.
  3. The shop manual makes no mention of any solvent that would soften the adhesive it was easy to get off the housing after mirror was removed similar to a double sided tape should have taken pictures but didn't think of it at the time. Hard to explain pictures would be a lot more help. The screws if you have three can be difficult I found you only have to remove one completely just get the other two loose I tried many different screw drivers angle straight event a flexible one. Good luck
  4. One possible problem to check and easy to replace is the float itself some of the resin or plastic ones can get soaked and be heavier than stock and allow to much fuel in or give the same results as the float level being to high.Metal floats eliminate this problem
  5. The mirror glass can be removed from the mirror frame but it not easy and will take some time I used a .006 feeler stock about 8 inches long and worked it around the outside edge around the outside of the mirror glass until all the glue or whatever they used to secure the mirror glass to the frame housing. Then replaced it with another glass I got from u pull yard as I wanted to retain the factory warning on the mirror. Some of the mirrors have three screws( on Power mirrors) holding assembly to the housing while the cable ones have one screw and two posts to locate the assembly into the chrome housing . It is possible to get the joy stick separated from the cables but takes a lot of time and effort to get the cables removed from the joy stick sure the factory did not intend this type of repair getting all the parts back together requires three hands and a few tries and quite a few coffee breaks to keep from going crazy but it can be done. I used silicone sealer to reattach the mirror to the housing. The fisher Body manual has drawing of the power mirror parts which is helpful for getting idea as to how the mirror is attached to the drive unit. I have repaired both power and cable and power are easier as you can unplug wires a lot easier than the cables. Take your time and it can be done good luck. Wear glasses just in case the mirror glass break.
  6. The Olds 307 oil pump is inside the oil pan to check the oil pressure put a known working oil pressure gauge into the tapped hole in the front of the block where the oil pressure sending unit is installed the sending unit wire should be tan in color the fitting size in 1/8 pipe plug the pressure should be per shop manual at slow idle minimum of 7 PSI 1500 - 3000 RPM 35 PSI min.mum with trans in neutral at normal operating temperature. The sending unit is near the water pump the oil sending unit only has one brown wire connected to it and is mounted on the engine block.
  7. There is a set on Ebay now without trim rings for $159
  8. Most parts stores carry the switch for around $50 or go to upull and pick up a handfull from GM cars for about a$1.00 a piece at our local upull. I'll bet its bad connection on the bottom of switch from water getting in switch try cleaning the connection where wires connect to switch remove little bkue lock then pull of wire connector tp clean posts on switch
  9. I installed a set on my 84 98 coupe and I think they look much better than the factory wire hubcaps
  10. per the shop manual there are 15 screws attaching the instrument panel pad did you get the two one in each defroster vent Manual states 1 remove both speakers 2 remove glove box 3 remove L.H. trim cover 4 remove R.H. trim cover 5 remove LH and RH sound absorbers if equipted 6 remove lower trim panel 7 remove 15 screws attaching insrument panel pad to instrument panel supports
  11. Thing antenna may be removed after taking off the hinge but be sure to supprt the hood on the fron end and rear where the hinge is removed I used a large rag rug folded to protect the fender, hood and wiper cover. The antenna may be removed tru the hinge hole idf it retracted if its full y extended thats a more difficult situation.Be prepared for a lot of scrapes and scratches as the metal has a lot of sharp edges. This is much easier the second time don't ask me how I know this.The lower bolt on the antenna will be a test of your ability to twist and turn your arm not real easy for 60 yeasr old but old cars are a fun hobby good luck
  12. My Olds shop manual 1984 lists list : 3.36 ratio as code 4MN Stamped code N trunk code FW4 Code Stamped on cover side of case on 3.15 Ratio as code 4MM Stamped code M trunk code F57 left side viewed from front. 2.93 ratio as code 4ML Stamped code L trunk code F45 2.73 ratio as code 4MK Stamped code K trunk code F47 The trunk code is Service Parts idenification sticker Gm installed on inside of trunk lid easy way to check factory istelled equipment whe looking in self ser U pick parts JUNK YARDS . Ive used this to get rear end parts (lower gears for my Olds 98. Hope this helps.
  13. The car all looked great, then I considered your location and to find parts to keep them running and looking that great everyone of the owners must be a true car person thats the highest praise I can give GOOD Job. Wish I could have been there in person to see that show.
  14. I would say 1964 Ford XL not 63 0r 65 I remember something about 64 1/2 anounment of some kind.