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  1. Hi everyone.... The number of people reaching out to me regarding my Buick has been overwhelming, and really hard to keep on top of. I have made a decision and the Buick has a new home, and I will leave it to the new owner to identify themselves if they choose to do so. If I failed in communication with anyone, I do apologize! I am very excited for the car and its future, and hopefully our paths will cross again! Thank you to everyone for your excitement, encouragement, and support! And many many continued thanks go out to Greg and his Wife for graciously taking the photographs for me. My best! Mark
  2. I am pretty sure Buick went to metal in 36...
  3. Hey! I just addressed this in an email to another AACA member. In my opinion... No! The body of this Buick is mounted to a wood frame... I posted a picture in this thread of what it should be.... The wood frame, from the dashboard back, is mostly gone, some of it is there, and a lot of pieces are laying around inside. The wood is also the frame for each of the doors, and the rumble seat hatch, a lot of it is there to copy from. To make a sound body for the car would require removing the body panels to replace the wood frame, which I assume includes the floor (I say assume because I am looking at the wood frame photo, and the fact that I have not seen the car for 17 years). SO, now we are looking at a bare chassis, with exposed mechanics, and a bunch of body parts that need mounting. SO, why paste it back together? Just move forward with a full restoration, rather than have to start over in the future. Those are my thoughts...
  4. Greg! A scholar and a gentleman! You are the best! And as to the "outside the storage unit, on nice aired up tires".... How do you think I got hooked in 2000? HA!!!
  5. Hi All For those scratching their heads over the wood body frame, and the amount of it that has rotted away over the years... I have a publication titled 1934 Fisher Body Service Manual, that has lots of information in it including this shot of the wood frame...
  6. Hi Zimm63... it has been 17 years since I have actually seen the car until the photos arrived yesterday! My memory? Wow, not sure... I know that there is a floor in the car, and it is covered in trunks, and parts, which do not fall through the floor. As to the frame of the car, there did not seem to be any damage, other than a dent here or there, and that would lead me to believe it is in fairly good shape considering its history. Not much to go on I know, but I hope that helps. Mark
  7. Ah... just reread your comment, and it clicked in. I do not have a title. I have all of the appropriate and legal paperwork, but I never completed it as it went into storage. GregLaR attempted to get a shot of the vin number, but was unable to due to the confined space. I am going to go ahead and try to get the replacement title without that and just see what happens. Hopefully I will be working with someone who had a great lunch and got lucky the night before! Mark
  8. Hi Poncho's ride.... As I have not seen the car in over 17 years, I do not know... and I simply cannot remember if it did back then. Mark
  9. Hey Greg... Not sure what you mean by the paperwork situation? let me know and I will enlighten! Mark
  10. Hi Everyone This is an updated posting to my original one. A very kind fellow member of AACA, GregLaR, made the journey to the stage container and although he was unable to remove the car from its confinement, he took really great photographs of it. I am, by trade, a graphic designer, and instead of bombarding you with photographs and information, I have created a website for the car. The website has my story, the cars story, photographs, and other information. This Buick is unrestored, and not for the feint of heart, but she's/he's a looker! As before, I would prefer to sell the car, but its future is more important and I am willing to give it to the right home. My best to you all! Mark
  11. Roysboystoys You are a gentleman and I think you for your encouragement! Mark
  12. Hi Greg You are very kind! But I could not ask that of you without paying for your time and effort! With that said, if you are game??? I will need first to locate the key to the lock on the container, its been a few years! I could send you the key... I could arrange with mobile mini to bring the container out of longterm storage... bigger issue... tires! I am sure they are all super flat!!! I would hope they would hold air long enough to roll her out for pictures, and back in again. Think on this, and give me an amount that would be fair to you in payment. I sincerely thank you! Mark PS... PPS...the car does have a name... given to it by my ex... RHOS (AKA, Rusting Hunk OF Shit).
  13. 1939_Buick Alas I know... No photos available at this time. But as I said in my original posting... I am willing to give the car away I just don't want to it rodded!
  14. Hi Greg No, we are moving to the south west of France, the properties available are incredible! As much as I adore England, always have to think about weather, and the length of the "season". Although, with the way our climate is changing, perhaps England will be the new European wine country very soon, so maybe we should reconsider!