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  1. My Yellow 1971 Boss 351 is up for sale. This is very nice restored car with LOTS of NOS stuff. The following is a list of some of the NOS stuff: · Bumpers · Body decals · Hood pins · Door handle · Front spoiler (yes NOS spoiler) · Weather stripping...and more stuff This is a nicely optioned car (not super optioned), but it has the options that most people want and put on their car even if it didn’t come with it. Take a look at the Marti report. It came with spoilers, and it came with Magnum 500. It still has its original Ford Magnums on it that are in great shape. Actually it still has lots of its original parts because they were in great shape. Also it came with essential power steering (I had one without PS and it was tough steering unlesss you were drag racing). It has original floors, doors, quarters. It has NOS front fenders and hood. It has about 65k miles on it. Is it flawless? No, the paint was never rubbed out so it has that 1971 paint finish. But the NOS weather stripping just makes the doors close effortlessly. (How do you find NOS weather stripping?) This car was built to be beautiful and to truly have a Boss 351 feel. The original engine has been redone. Since it was low mileage and everything mic'ed up well, it has the original pistons. It has a new cam ground to the original specification. Heads were redone with hardened seats, crank was cut, bearings...The original carb was rebuilt, as was the original distributor. Rebuilt water pump. Original intake and exhaust manifolds. The engine is stock, stock, stock, just like it came. Yet, when we finished breaking in the motor on the dyno, it pulled 360HP! (I have the dyno sheet). All the important Boss parts are HERE! Original engine, carb, dual point distributor (with correct vacuum advance), exhaust manifolds, intake, 65amp alternator, rev limiter, original trans and rear. It also has a new clutch and pressure plate shocks...and more. We also rebuilt the power steering pump, and the power brake booster. All the brakes are redone, the front end is rebuilt, and it has a new factory exhaust. New gas tank...and more stuff. The interior is a combination original and new. Seats are original, carpet is new, headliner is new, and the center gauge panel is new (I like it when that chrome looks good on that panel). Original dash pad. We took out the gauges, cleaned, checked and fixed all the gauges. Tach works, lights work. Oh and it has NOS tail lights. I purchased this car as a project from a friend that had a Mustang NOS parts business. He had it for years. This was going to be the car he was going to keep. Well he had to move and he couldn't take it all. He gave me all the NOS stuff that he had with the car. This is a very nice car that was redone to look and feel like it was 1971. It starts easily, has good oil pressure and doesn't overheat. Doors close great, steers as good as it can with Wide Ovals. Mechanical lifters tap. Take it to shows (yeh you can drive it, but you need a little octane booster for those original 11+ compression). It's fast. Price is very reasonable. $62,000 Call me if you have questions, 215-620-8744.
  2. Well I'm lowering my price to $59,000 on this nice car. Winter is coming.
  3. My 1971 Mustang Boss 351 is for sale. This is a fully restored car. I will start with the important facts. It is numbers matching engine, trans and rear. It has the original carb, distributor and manifolds. All the parts are rebuilt, restored, replaced, reconditioned. It is the original colors. It is beautiful. Detailed inside and out, and in al the nooks and crannies. Most of the work was done about 10 years ago. I'm asking $65,000. Please call if interested. 215-620-8744
  4. I want to thank Motoring Icon for the help in selling my car. Guy, thank you.
  5. Now that we have nice weather, I got some nice pictures. I will send out some underbody pictures to those who inquired.
  6. Well, it looks like I need to lower the 'published' price, to get some offers. I'm reducing the price to $25,000...obo.
  7. My car is not from New Orleans. My car has red wheels, chrome grill, spare tire chrome trim, interior door handles. It is not from New Orleans. I'm asking $29,000. I will consider offers.
  8. I got some private emails asking for the price. I did not consciously omit the price (probably subconsciously I did omit it). I was so worried about good grammar and spelling, that by the time I finished the post I forgot to include a price. The asking price is $29,000. And Mr. Keiser31 is correct about the location, it is in the Philadelphia burbs. (not New Orleans). If anyone is interested in some details, send me an email, and I will send you my phone number.
  9. Well, things don't always go as planned. I just purchased this beautiful car to take on some tours this year with my kids. I started prepping it. New battery, rebuilt the carb, fuel pump, gas tank flushed, radiator cleaned....ignition. Just doing the stuff you should do. Then something comes up that kicks me in the wallet (can be read as bad tax planning). (Raiding the IRA is not a good idea at this time, but in 10 years it will probably seem like it was a better idea.) It is a beautiful car. It has a 21 stud flat head with the correct 1934 distributor and carb. I don't know if it is the original engine. It does have replacement iron heads dated 1948. Under the hood it looks correct. It still should have the brakes checked before it goes on a tour. I might get to that. (I'm working on it as if I might not have to sell it.) It also has seatbelts that I really liked since I was going to take kids with me. Sorry for the poor pictures. The car is a little dirty. These are the only pictures I have of it. They were taken when I brought it home. The weather here stinks and I have it in a garage until the weather improves.
  10. That's what I needed to see. Thank you.
  11. Thank you for the quick reply. I'm ready to paint!
  12. Quick question: If the fenders were painted body color in 1934, were the undersides of the fenders also body color, or were they painted black? :confused:
  13. Quick question: If the fenders were painted body color in 1934, were the undersides of the fenders also body color, or were they painted black? :confused:
  14. I was hoping to buy a space...give the Hershey Region some money, or give some money back to someone who already paid, and couldn't use the space. I do have a full pickup trucks worth of stuff, so that does take up a bit of vendor space. Peter, I did email the Regional chapter, but I figure they're pretty busy and will not have chance to get back to me. BUt I tried.
  15. I did ask, but no one has a sticker for me to get my pickup truck in. I think they got one tag for their space. Plus they don't have room for my truck. I was told that there are many unused space there this week. I was hoping the Region had a way of offering some of these space if the vendors turned in their tags.
  16. What are the options for acquiring vendor spaces for tomorrow? (I know last minute, but I thought I could get rid of some stuff from the garage). I know the AACA frowns upon selling spaces to outsiders, but can members offer spaces to other members if you are not using them? Is there a place at the show where unused spaces can be turned in for recycling? I know they have that for the Car Corral, but I was wondering if they do that for vendor spaces.
  17. I just found this grill brace in my garage. It came with a 1947 Packard. Well maybe it's not a bracket. It is the part that goes behind the grill. It may fit the earlier pre-war Packard also. Take a look at the pictures and ask questions. Asking $150
  18. At first glance it didn't look like it was for that car...but looking at it now, it looks like it went behind the chrome grill, and used to support the chrome grill, does anyone know if all the series of packards had the same grill?
  19. Its way to big for a freezer tray. its about 21" long. It came in the trunk of a 47 Packard.
  20. I'm trying to clean out my garage of 1/2 the old car parts I have. I came across this grill. I cann't figure out what it's out of. Any one familiar with it? :confused:
  21. Thanks for all the help. Here are some answers: It is for a 1932 Oldsmobile. I also was skeptical of the metric measurements, especially since I'm looking for this part for my Dutch friend in the Netherlands. I just assumed he gave me metric numbers being he's Dutch (don't hold it against him, he's still a nice guy LOL). But, you got to admit, those are pretty 'round' metric numbers. It's not like they are 33.5mm or 87mm. I will ask him again to use is "American" calipers. In the mean time, I will check with the above recomendations. Thank you gentlemen.
  22. I was hoping someone in the club has expereince with these bearings, and would point me to a distributor that would have it. Next step will be to start calling random distributors.
  23. Does any one know a supplier of New Departure Bearings? I'm trying to track down a 5100 or a 5100A2 bearing for a 1932 Olds trans. Dimensions are 80mm outside dia. 30mm inside dia. 35mm width. it is a it has 12 bearings on each side.<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
  24. Does any one know a supplier of New Departure Bearings? I'm trying to track down a 5100 or a 5100A2 bearing for an old GM trans. Dimensions are 80mm outside dia. 30mm inside dia. 35mm width. It has 12 bearings on each side. The bearing is for a 1932 Oldsmobile transmission.
  25. Overall diameter is 13" and the carb opening is 4.125" diamter. The center hold down screw does make it a later model, like late 50's. And the little tube that comes of the base, like a PVC connection. Maybe a truck?
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