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  1. barry try antiqueradiator.com , i,m not sure but i think you will find there honeycomb cores still come from either the UK or NZ. Rex
  2. i have only one question to ask , what does your father think of what you plan .
  3. nzcarnerd, i have a 54 US assembled DeSoto diplomat deluxe, it does not have the robe rails . ( we used to call them grab rails , used mainly to compensate for poor drivers )i also used to have a Aussie SP23 diplomat which had been cut into a ute, it had the rail , as did my 37 chrysler . i also have a US assembled 39 S6 DeSoto it has a rail. i have no idea when they were phased out , but from my observations , ithink they were only used on the top of line models
  4. marty your part also fits a 42 d22 dodge , and i worded my reply not quite right it should read a instrument, ignition and lamp switch nut
  5. 898504 shows up in my parts book as a instrument and ignition lamp switch nut for a 42, C34 chrysler and a 46-47 C38 chrysler
  6. just to help widen your search , or confuse you , the same part# 944613 shows up for 42-48 desoto custom , 42-48 chry , 42 D22 dodge -47 D24 and also some plymouths 42-46 up to serial# 97030466
  7. 55 buick super have you tried aaj brakes .com or rustyhope.com
  8. oil pan part # 692884 fits all six cyl chry, dodge, desoto and plym from 1940 - 1947, and probably 48 although my parts book does not show 48 models .
  9. the rest of it doesn,t look to original , granted the body looks untouched , but wrong wheels ,also looks to have been lowerd, front bumper removed , exterior rear view mirror is not original , and they didn,t come out with that style running board plus i dont think they had metallic paint on them , maybe on cars , but not on commercials.what was the interior finished in Rex
  10. its for a cigarette lighter , you have to remember it was not frowned upon for us to have a ciggy back then , ( i do have to mention i stopped smoking about 6 years ago , after 50 yrs , i dont feel any better, or worse, but do admit it has probably prolonged my life .
  11. ryan , that is what is known as a jailbar model and it is usualy worth a lot more than other models , try googling , value ford jailbar truck , as others have said it wont be your retirement fund , but it is worth more , being a jail bar. Rex
  12. ok iv,e looked at this heaps of times since my last post, take a good slow look, i have and am sure that just before he swung ? the handle he transfered his thunb to behind the handle . Rex
  13. ive got to agree with keiser , its only one cyllinder , as for cranking a model A , my fiirst car in 1955 as a 15 year old was a 31 modelA , i had plenty of practise , and was told the correct way to crank it .
  14. do you have a picture of what they look like.
  15. if thats the case you have a grounding problem
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