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  1. whats wrong with buying the 10' and carefully cutting them to the right length
  2. could it be a 35 crank hole cover
  3. FINPLYM , i dont know where you got you info from , but WW11, started in sept 39 , the US never entered the war untill after pearl harbor in dec 41 , by then france was under total German control untill just after Dday in Dec 44, then it came under the control of the allies (mainly the US) so i fail to see how france can be blamed for the no fly . i was not very old back then but i was around .
  4. it seems rusty doesnt understand what i was getting at , i was not talking about a padded dash i was merely stating what types of plastics were used on cars , and that the one in question should be repairable , and if he didn,t understand that , just google it
  5. it should be repairable, there will be plenty of plastic welders around , as all modern cars are made mainly of plastic . the trick is to find some one that does plastic welding and can identify the type of plastic used as the plastic used back then was entirely different to what is used today. as an example this is some of the plastics used back in the 1980,s. . ABS (acrylic butadienstyrene) GRP/SMC glass reinforced polyester sheet (fibre glass) PA:polyamide(nylon(probably a version of whats on your dash) PBT:polybutylene teterphtalate PC:polycarbonate PP/EPDM:polypropropylene/ethylene propylene (modified rubber). PPO:polyphenlylene oxide PVC poly vinyl chloride each of these had a different repair and refinishing technique.
  6. just a simple question , what are you guys going to do when all your rare parts have been sold for scrap for 12 cents a pound , remember they are not made any more.
  7. I didn,t think that Nash ever had suicide doors
  8. if that was taken in 1936 that aint Winston
  9. i,ve got one very similar, its not original to the car but i use it on my 54 DeSoto diplomat . the hook on the bottom slides up and locks into the appropriate slot in the front of the jack , to raise it screw in the ferule at the top, to lower it unscrew the ferule, ive never had mine in pieces , but if yours doesn,t work , asssuming you have checked the hydraulic oil level , it would probably be only a seal .
  10. elmo39

    My intro

    apart from the P15-D24 site i would try and get a manual for you year car try ebay they often come up , two other alternatives are faxonautolit.com or factoryautomanuals.com
  11. john i have had it happen to me , when i was working in a body shop (panel shop here )i went to jump start a big truck i was doing the paint work on . i connected the jumper leads the wrong way, there was a massive explosion ,one of the battery disintegrated , i was lucky i came out of it with singed eye brows , and a dented pride .Rex
  12. after close on 45-50 years of panel beating and painting professionly i fail to see how you could apply molten lead over bondo successfully, (we call it bog here in NZ) what i cant see is what would really be the point , if bondo (bog ) was applied correctly by a genuine tradesman (tradeperson) you should not be able to tell the difference ,
  13. you might have to look a bit further than the US, if it is a custom sierra it would have been built in Canada.
  14. there is another possibility , if after all that i first mentioned , proves ok , you could check the rocker arm for wear, the car is over 60 years old and things do wear out , although after about 40 years of owning early chrysler cars i have only found this problem once
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