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  1. Rawja, I will post pictures, parts, and overview soon. Thanks.
  2. Barney, My only plan for the old ABS assembly was to try to get core value for it. I'd be happy for you to have it. I'm in south Austin, past the airport, very close to McKinney Falls State Park. Feel free to email me (see my original post) to discuss a rendezvous. Bill
  3. My friend and I replaced the Teves ABS brake system on my '89 with a traditional master cylinder / vacuum booster yesterday, and I couldn't be more pleased. Like most everyone, I battled with the Teves on and off again over the years (more on, than off). But no more. I'm happy to report that we did the whole job in one day, and the results are super tight brakes. I got the vacuum booster, master cylinder, two proportioner valves, some line, couplings and a T-joint for about $200, which is about $450 less than a remanufactured Teves system from Prior. The system I took off was pretty much
  4. I read in a post on here a few years ago that the CRT's electron beam is affected by external magnetic fields in the environment around the car. This can cause the whole image the waver, similar to what you are describing. For some reason, this often happens when driving on a fly-over or over-pass - I have witnessed this many times. If the wavering is happening while the car is still, then it is probably not due to an external magnetic field, but rather a problem internal to the CRT system.
  5. Thanks, everyone. Sounds like a fluid flush couldn't hurt things. Anyone know the boiling point of brake fluid offhand? I'm curious about that theory. I'll check the stored codes again and see what indicators there are there. Thanks for your offer, Barney. I may take you up on that. I'm not ready to bite the $700 bullet just yet. Around the time I bought the car, I started entertaining the idea of refitting the brake system with a non-ABS master-cylinder that would feed the existing wheel circuits. The idea is that I could get a traditional master cylinder for a fraction of the cost
  6. Greetings, My mom and dad bought a new 1989 Reatta in August of that year. Mom drove it for 123,000 miles until 2005, and endured all the usual maintenance issues (headlight motors, window mechanisms, falling headliners, etc.) She also apparently had problems with the ABS system from time to time, but we were told that there was a bad computer module generating the CRT error messages and the inconsistent Red/Yellow dash light displays. In other words, the ABS was really working, but the lights were not (the ABS amber light is still on 90% of the time even though I've had successful anti-loc
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