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  1. The fenders your looking for are specifically 1933 REO Flying Could S-2 fenders. They are easily spotted by the skirting directly behind the wheel.
  2. Hey fellow car nuts! I got sometime to tinker around with the Packard last night. I pulled all my oil lines and the problem was the filter itself! The valve when opened let oil drip out (saying the filler was good) BUT IT WAS PLUGGED UP SOLID! I am at 41 lbs cold now and about 32 hot. thanks for the thoughts and comments!
  3. jdk

    1922 REO

    REO Club of america has a website, google it!
  4. What would you guys say is the best wax for an old Laquor paint job, it is in need of a good buffing. And I have heard that you have to watch some of the newer waxes because of all the additives they use for the new clear coat finishes. Thanks
  5. Man you guys are old!! Just kiddin, But "todays" young crowd call your old ralley wheels or Rimz. "DUBS" as in (W) the first letter in the word wheel. Just something else to get you old guys on edge.
  6. What type of oil should I use for motor, and trany. This car has the self -shifter. I have heard to use SAE 30 non-detergant oil? as for the tranny i dont know. Thanks for the help Joel
  7. I was told by a few older gental men that there were at one point in time guides produce with all the parts that were interchangable between makes. I have a 35 REO Royale that is in need of alot of help.