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  1. Hello all, I am building a speedster and need a couple of large winged fuel caps for the exposed fuel tank. A gentleman at Rootlieb (spelling?) in California told me some Pierce Arrow Speedster guys were having some cast but he couldnt find a contact number. Anyone have any leads?? Thanks Email is amlafrance1918@yahoo.com
  2. HELP!! I am trying to locate my Nomad I once owned. I have used every VIN search possible with no luck. I sold it to a gentleman in Abilene, Texas and he sold it approx. 8 years ago to a truck driver from Tennessee (he thinks). Anyway, when it was last sold it was kind of a goldish colour and had a big block Chevrolet engine in it. Originally dusk pearl. If you have or know someone who bought a 57 Nomad in Texas about 8 years ago Please check the Vin # VC57J246447. Even if its not for sale I would like to know where it is. Thanks.... Call Scott 214-289-7612 cell 214-826-4050 hm AMLAFRANCE1918@yahoo.com email After some good advise, here is some additional information...might help someone remember seeing it without having to check a VIN. When I had the car it was kind of a flat gold color, it had a big block Chevrolet engine all stock out of a 66 Chevelle with a 4 speed gearbox with the shifter on the floor. The car came with a standard transmission as I could tell the clutch pedal had always been there, plus the column did not have the gear indicator for an automatic equipped car. I bought it that way from a guy in my local club. I like things original but I have to admit the engine was a nice fit and pulled the Nomad around nicely. Let's see it also had a wood three spoked steering wheel with a bowtie emblem horn button. I think it was off a Corvette. The car had come originally with factory A/C so it had the vents in the dash and the different switches on the dash. It also indicated on the cowl tag that it came with A/C and the original color was Dusk Pearl with a India Ivory top, which is what I had intended to return it to. and finally it had SS Chevelle 14" wheels. I sold the car in 1988 to a guy in Abilene, Texas and he resold it a few years later. I anyone reading this knows of a Nomad that came from Abilene, Texas it might be it. Also, after a check with the Texas DMV it seems the guy I sold it to never transferred the title out of my name (Scott Laminack in Dallas, Texas) so it might have had my name on the title when last sold. I posted some photos at the bottom of this thread..... Any help most welcome...
  3. I may be wrong but I think the VIN search MSTIKLE wants is to find the car, not a decode of the VIN. Im having the same problem. I am looking for my old 57 Nomad and all I have to go on is the VIN number. I thought I could just do a search and I could find out at least what state the car is in and then go from there. Unfortunately, all the sites seem to be for 1981 and newer. I am looking for a 57 Nomad VIN # VC57J246447 if anyone can help me. 214-826-4050
  4. Hello all!! Please help me if you can. I am looking for my old 57 Nomad I now regret selling. The guy I sold it to sold it 10 years ago to a truck driver from Tennessee. At least thats what he remembers. If anyone has, or knows anyone who has a 57 Nomad bought in Abilene, Texas approx. 10 years ago please check the VIN number for VC57J246447. At the time it was sold it was a goldish colour and had a big block chevy engine in it. Any info. Scott 214-826-4050 or amlafrance1918@yahoo.com Yes, I will pay a finders fee!!
  5. Hello, Please help me find my 57 Nomad I regret selling. I sold it to a gentleman in Abilene, Tx. and he told me he sold it to a truck driver from Tennesse 10 years ago. At the time of the sale to the truck driver the Nomad was kind of a goldish color and had a big block chevy engine in it. So... If anyone reading this either bought of know someone who bought a Nomad in Abilene, Texas please check the VIN For #VC57J246447. Please help me!!! Scott AMLAFRANCE1918@YAHOO.COM OR 214-826-4050.
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