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  1. Hope this is not breaking any rules but I am trying to find a good home for a 37- 38 Lincoln Zephyr real axle/ differential ( to the best of my knowledge) and hubcabs. Listed on e-bay under vintage Lincoln Zephyr. Thanks, Rookie
  2. Second picture. I should be better at this than I am.
  3. Thanks for your input. I have two additonal pictures that might help. Will try to attach!
  4. This axle/ differential/drive shaft assembly was under an old trailer on my dad?s property for many, many years. Might try to sell but didn?t know what year, exact description. Hubcaps hard to see with the sun but they are lincoln/zephyr. There is a diamond with a ?C? in the middle on top of the differential. The number 26 (I think) is on the right side (looking front to back) of the differential and the number 54 (I think-hard to make out) on the left side. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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