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  1. My Z is in Indy I'm in RI what kind of car is it and I'll call the factory and see if it will fit
  2. Here it is and it is blue. http://www.autosportcatalog.com/index.cfm?fa=p&pid=502&addcar=1
  3. I just bought a custom car cover for my Zephyr now I don't need it. I have a blue cover and a black one. If your interested email me.
  4. Hey Rolf You gavemeanameof a company in RI that makes the wiring harness forthe Zephyr can I get that from you again I misplaced it. THANKS
  5. Yeah again hopefully it'll be the last time
  6. Rolf here's the car it was advertised in this website http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayIS...em=320046910814
  7. I have this one for sale http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayIS...em=320046910814
  8. Anyone know anyone thats looking ??
  9. The only thing wrong is the paint. Its one of the nicer ones I've seen. Interior looks all original. Its hard to find one thats not all rusted up chopped up or has a 350 in it just for that alone should justify the price. I saw one on cars on line thats was hot rodded out and he wanted 42K which i thought was a little ridiculous.
  10. It looks very clean. Its nice to see a Zephyr untouched in that color combo 35K doesn't seem to be that high for that nice of a car.
  11. Such a nice looking Zephyr on Ebay. Why can't we see more of these fine vehicles in this shape??
  12. I was told because of the front bumper it was a Continental bumper
  13. Just a quick question the Zephyr that is for sale here that is 2 tone is it a Continental?? I know it doesn't have the wheel off the trunk but someone told me it was because of the front bumper. Thanks for the help
  14. I got on touch with Ford and the museum and they didn't have that info, tghey go back as far as 46. I also wanted to see how many two toned cars were made.
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