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  1. Go to #444420 to find more problems! http://forums.aaca.org/ubbthreads.php/ubb/showthreaded/Number/444420#Post444420 M.L. Anderson
  2. This is to add to the chart above but is only about 18mm by 1/2" reach sparkplugs and to sparkplugs made after 1937 when AC changed their numbering system to the one shown. Ml.L. Anderson CHAMPION------ CHAMPION-------AUTOLITE------AUTOLITE-------DELCO AC--------DELCO AC------- NEW-------------EXTENDED-------NEW-----------EXTENDED-------NEW------------EXTENDED------- 18mm BY---------CORE-------------------------- CORE--------------------------- CORE------------ ½? REACH--------NOSE---------------------------NOSE----------------------------NOSE------------ ----------------------------------373
  3. The only other Rotary shocks made to my knowledge were the Gabriel Rotary Triple Vane shocks made from 1930 to 1937 only a few were manufactured and they went on cars such as the Nash lower priced cars, Stutz 1929 and later and a very few other cars not made by the Big Three. In 1937-38 Chrysler went to Tubular shocks and Gabriel quit making Rotary shocks entirely as did Ford in 1948(?). The only place I have seen Gabriel Rotary shocks are on a Stutz in the museum in Las Vegas you cannot miss them if they all are marked as these four were with the name GABRIEL in raised letters. I do not k
  4. AC OLDSMOBILE SPARKPLUG SPECIFICATION CHART 1945 ISSUE Passenger Cars- 1924-1942 Oldsmobile ?Model 30??????????.?..76S All others thru 1927...............................77 1928 thru 1936???????????????.?86 1937-38-39-40????????????????.45 1941-42?????????????????..?....44 M.L. Anderson
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