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  1. This code is the engine number. The 6 at the end indicates that this engine belongs to a 1954 Buick Century. The body tag could tell more about your car!
  2. Dave, you're my hero! Its unbelievable how much you know about these numbers.
  3. Yes, I found the body tag on flickr! The body number is G 588, so I guess this could be the 588th Skylark. My database summarizes all info: http://www.1954buick.com/documents/7A1090832.pdf But: A user from the 1954buick.com forum has found a 1954 Buick Century Convertible. The body number is G 8. If the body numbers are indexed, the counting of Skylarks G 1 to G 836 will fail.
  4. May I ask if you have a shot of the body tag? I have set up a small database tracking back all Skylarks. All have very different VIN numbers. But: The body numbers are following (for example G 745, 746, 747, 748, ...). To me this indicates that your VIN number ending 832 could be a lucky coincidence.
  5. In the movie "Sugarland Express" (1974) there is a nice car chase with a 1956 Roadmaster. I cut out the chase and put it (temporary) on my website. Feel free to watch and save it: 1956 Roadmaster chase Give it some time to load, filesize is 30.2 MB (7min 51sec). Lamar, this is how it must have looked kinda like when you tried to get away from Rita with all that chicks in your pimped Irene.
  6. You guys should really buy the book "vintage car wrecks", it's worth the money. Here are a couple of pictures...
  7. I looked over my images folder and found some other Buick 'crashes'... In most cases I can't remember where I got the images from. But the last one is from eBay, the car is currently for sale. ;-) Ebay link
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