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  1. Maybe it has a copyright. But there is no sentence that forbids digitalization. I will build up my own personal Bugle archive (reading permission only for ME)... so that I can read every issue WHERE and WHEN and HOW I'd like to do it... Disappointing what happens if someone wants to help.
  2. I wouldn't stop the hard copy Bugle for several reasons. Here is my suggestion for an electronic version: 1954 Buick Highway - BCA Bugle Click on the headlines (for example "January 2009") to open an issue. Then you can go to fullscreen to have a better view. A double-click on a page on the right makes it bigger. Double click again and it gets smaller... If you forward a PDF, do you ask a week later, if your friend liked it and needs more information about the BCA? The BCA needs a more professional way of marketing. With sending out emails you never know if and who reads your books. With an online book section (like the one above), its possible to see what people really like. Plus, the BCA could make trials - 3 month trial periods - for people interested in the BCA. Advantage: Those people need to register and the BCA gets the user email. With this, the BCA can make marketing and ask, if they liked the Bugle, if they would become a member, etc. Those people get a connection to the BCA (even if they don't become members).
  3. To create a Configurator with high image quality I need to have a good source. The 1954 models were taken from the big showroom album. I have these albums for 1951, 1952 and 1958, so these model years are next. Once a model is ready, you can download a wallpaper in HD (1920 x 1080 pixels). Upon request, I can create files with an even bigger resolution (2-6 times). That would be fine for printing BIG posters.
  4. The PDF via E-Mail is nice, but once its published, you can't control it... everyone could forward it. I would do it similar as we did it on 1954buick.com: 1954 Buick Highway - Technical Instructions / Manuals The Bugles could be set up as content section and only forum members with permission (=paid subscription) can access it. Advantages: - No mass E-Mailing (and getting failures with broken E-Mail addresses), no conflicts with Spam rules - With more issues, it would be a great online archive of the Bugle - Its always available - even on mobile devices (Samsung Galaxy Tab, iPad, etc) - Payment: Its possible to pay with PayPal (I can't become a member of the BCA, because I don't have a credit card) Let me know if I can help...
  5. I especially love the high quality of the pictures. Its possible to make a full HD (1920x1200 px) out of every photo.
  6. Thanks for sharing the link of the Holden Club! Good work! My Configurator is a little bit different. Its not a color changing tool. It for configuring the whole car - with all available options, described and pictured. The cost of each option (they differ from model to model!) are calculated, so that its possible to recreate the original factory price. The trim combinations are shown with scans of the original factory samples. The VIN number can be decoded, what tells the user when and where their 1954 Buick was built. The car can be named and the configuration can be saved / loaded from a computer. Plus, its possible to download desktop wallpapers in HD quality. All scanning and putting this together took a few hundred hours. Do you anyone who will work this kind of time for free? If yes, can you please forward his/her email address?
  7. Here are some pictures made at sales meetings, new model introductions and other events. They came in a BIG folder, all in very good condition. The name on some items is "C.C. Darby", Regional Sales Manager of the Southern Area back in the 1950s. I guess these photos are his memories! <iframe src="http://www.hometownbuick.de/1954/content/videos/salesman_pictures/video.swf" <="" iframe="" height="510" width="640"></iframe>
  8. It was a pleasure (and hard work of a few hundred hours) to create it. Although I'm happy that its finished. Best part of it: The people (like you) seem to enjoy it - that was my aim! I'm considerring to make this for all 1950-1959 Buicks... could be fun!
  9. Well, I was the one that was outbid, I thought 1,155 USD would be enough, but... On the one hand, it was a very nice example. On the other hand, I already have two of them. I could use some funds to bid on other stuff. If you're interested in this book, let me know.
  10. Jon, when I first saw the red filmstrips, I haven't thought of fading - I thought the red would be "original". You have quite a collection! I only have 40-50 filmstrips, all 1950-1960 Buick. Some are faded, but I always scan in 7200dpi and with a Generic Positive setting to get the best quality. To scan 10 slides needs 1 hour. 1 slide has about 250 MB. I started using Photoshop to redo all images. 10min per slide. Take this time, too, if you can! Not all color information is lost! See this example... (haven't removed the scratches, yet). Best regards, Jan
  11. 1958 and especially 1959 are VERY expensive, I've never seen a 1959 for under 300 USD. Thats why I only have 1951 (2x), 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957 and 1958. I'm still looking for 1950, 1952 and 1953!
  12. Thats a very rare piece! Yours is the second one I've ever seen! I was lucky to buy one via Ebay this year - for only 90 USD! I guess that was a real steal!
  13. Not a big deal. I'm considerring a new BMW with an average of 57 MPG. And thats NOT a hybrid. And its on the market NOW. Frankfurt Preview: 2010 BMW 320d Efficient Dynamics Edition, 57.4 mpg (U.S.) — Autoblog Green
  14. This code is the engine number. The 6 at the end indicates that this engine belongs to a 1954 Buick Century. The body tag could tell more about your car!
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