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  1. Hey all, Just got back from the coast. Yes this is interesting, if you have contact info I'll check it out and get back to the group and let you know what is there with it...........I could use a few parts from it.
  2. Rick..........Welcome to the L/Z Forum. You make at least 3 of us in the PDX area. Maybe we should get together and compare projects sometime! Mine is a 41 LZ Sedan in road worthy condition. Still need to do some glass and a paint job to clean her up a bit.
  3. Abe: Thanks for the quick reply. I'll add that info to my contact list. Mine is a 41 LZ Sedan that I pick up locally a little over a year ago. I'm still working on her and learning the ins and out of the V-12 after doing a 46 Ford Coupe that I sold to finance the Zephyr.
  4. Abe Could you post the contact info for the person in Portland that does set up for distributors. I am in Sandy and may need his services. Jim
  5. I'm looking for 5 - 16" X 5" Rims for a 41 Lincoln. Willing to partial trade my 4-15" rims with Firestone WW tires.
  6. Phil: Thanks for the information on the paint chips. Had a chance yesterday to get to the NW Swap Meet in Portland, OR and found 2 sets of chips by differnt manufactures (Rinshed-Mason & Acme). I picked up both sets for under $20 and compared them to a paint chip taken from inside the trunk, turns out my color is "Darien Blue". A note, in looking at the formulas shown on each set, there are differnces in the mixes for each manufacturer. Goes to show that not only are photos not a reliable indicator but fading has a big effect on what we see on these old cars, as the invoice for the last paint job is dated 1978. The Rinshed-Mason sheets cover 1939, 1940 & 1941 while the Acme sheets are for 1941 only. If anyone needs the formulas for the paint mix from these sheets, I am happy to share.
  7. OK, here is a photo of the 41 LZ, hope it comes out ok
  8. Mike: Thanks for the information, I thought photos 35 and 45 were the same as #8 for the color. so, my guess is that they are simular but enough differnt to have separate names. I'll take a couple 1M pixel photos and post one for you to check out. I appreciate your responding to my query.
  9. Phil Thanks so much for the information, it will be invaluable to me in bringing the 41 LZ back to her original glory. Great forum and wonderful people on it!
  10. Just looked at the 1st album that Phil Knapp posted. Great bunch of cars, gives me something to shoot for on my 41LZ. Can anyone tell me the name of the paint color for photos #08, 35 and 45? My LZ is the same color and I am getting info together so I can have it repainted early in the spring. Sitting under a plastic tarp in the high desert for about 9 years has taken its toll on the existing paint job. Any help will be appreciated. Jim G.
  11. Thanks for the info, I guess I'll have to go the colorite route. I talked to the previous owner and he did not know either. I compared the color to the cover of the TWOTZ and they are similar in appearence and the first issue of this year said the color represented Darien Blue for 1941. If I knew how I'd post a photo of the car on this forum to get some opinions.
  12. Phil..........The photo you posted in your last response. What color is the Zephyr? I just picked up a 41 LZ Sedan and am trying to determine the body color so I can have it repainted in original colors. I think mine is Zephyr Blue but am not positive.
  13. Phil.... Thanks for the welcome! In answer to your question; no I don't recall the convertible coupe during that time period. I had my head deep into the 46 Ford Coupe I was working on at that time. I have the application for the LZOC and PNWR on my desk and filled out ready to send in. BTW: If it had a period license plate (1939 OR)in good shape it is worth about $80 - $85. I just picked up a 1941 OR plate for my LZ for the upper figure. I now have an extra set of current OR Tree plates (ZEPHER) that I will make a good deal for someone if they are interested. Jim
  14. Hi all, just picked up a rough 41LZ sedan after having a 46 Ford Business Coupe for a few years. A STEP UP! Lots to learn here and will be asking those newby questions till I get the hang of it!
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