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  1. My 41 Zephyr has the pulley screwed on to the generator. No key way and the threaded shaft is not long enough for a nut.
  2. Been there, Done that! The for sale sign is is still laying on the floor in the back seat. Once I got it running smoothly, all thoughts of selling went out of my mind!!!!!!!! Or is it, I'm finally out of my mind? Whichever, I sure do enjoy the option to roll down the windows, open the cowl vent and drive the back roads on a warm day!
  3. Forgot to add ..............the # you quote is the VIN#
  4. You can order the Build Sheet from the Benson Research Center. I wrote them , sent my vin# along with a $20 check and got a copy of the actual Build sheet on mt Zephyr
  5. Ok; a spare coil is one thing to have as a spare in case of break down. I got mine from a guy in AZ that said he had a few of them ranging from $100-200. I also carry a voltage regulator, spark plugs and have on order points and carbon brushes. What other items are suggested for the emergency kit?
  6. Thanks all, I also found that BOOS-Herrel carries the Lincoln ones too.
  7. Are the coil brushes for a 41 Z a standard Ford part or are they Lincoln only?
  8. Got my coil back from Skip Haney today, fantastic differnce in the way the Zypher runs with it rebuilt and a couple new condensers from Boos-Herrel. Both outfits were excelent to deal with and had great turn around time, 3 days on the condensers and 2 weeks to the day on the coil! It's amazing what a blue spark does over the yellow it was when I was having problems. I'm still looking for a spare coil if anyone has an extra you will part with.
  9. Lincoln had 3 wood grain colors for for the 1941; Beech, Silver Birch and Mahogany. You could order the one you prefered for your car. You need the build sheet for your car from the Benson Research Center of the Henry Ford Museum to determine which one was ordered with the vehicle. If none is listed on the sheet, then it came with the standard grain which was Beech.
  10. Here are photos of my 41 Sedans "Silver Birch" woodgraining, it was done in the late 70's before I owned the car. The yellow you see is from the florescent lights in the garage. The graining is silver gray in color without any yellowing. A possible cause for yellowing could be a coat of varnish over the graining to protect it. I hope this helps.
  11. Can someone direct me to the best supplier for a coil and condensers for a 41 LZ, preferably on the west coast:mad:. She died in the driveway this morning:eek:!!! Jim
  12. I did and there is nothing there or in my message box on the fourm.
  13. I am listing this for a friend. All items are from a 1941 Lincoln Zephyr 4 Door Sedan Here are alot of the items I have and the price. I will accept OBO reasonable offers on all items. shock absorbers $25 each doors (all 4 available) $75 each air cleaner lid $5 exterior door handles (5 available)$20 each trim (one side) $100 interior push button handle $5 push button mechanics $20 pull chain courtesy handle $10 rear handle(missing spring and cylinder) $20 rear brake light $125 rear lid $75 w/o hinges or $100 with door locks w/key $30 dash w/o guages $100 speeedometer $100 clock $40 striker plate and latch $20 kick plate $15 rear cigarette lighter body (no lighter) $5 dome light $10 driver side tail light $100 pass. tail light w/o lens $25 interior window surround $15 light switch $10 rear spring $50 transmission up to $600 depending on condition rear axles $100 each rear brakes w/ backing plates $100 each My email is tamrysavy@gmail.com or they can give Mike a call at (503)860-4705. Located in Rhododendron,Oregon 45 minutes east of Portland, on HWY 26
  14. Daddio: Please tell us you are NOT going to sell that car. After the work with your kid on it, he has to have first option for his future!
  15. BTW - Have you been having trouble getting the blue icon to show you have read the fourm? I am, I click twice and end up back in the fourm! But the button never resets! Iback out and try again! and still no luck.
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