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  1. It's a Steele part bought through Fusick, found the part number on the inside of the gasket and it is listed for the correct car.. Contacted Steele via email and will call them about the problem tomorrow. Found that there is indeed a right hand sun visor bracket, I have two lefts for some odd reason. Bob
  2. Who other than Steele sells a windshield gasket of a one piece 1950 88 Deluxe 2 door sedan? The Steele item does not have the correct inside profile for re-installation of the interior garnish molding leaving huge gaps at the upper corners. Had the same problem with the rear window but worked around it but it still doesn't look quite right. The interior guy even asked if the garnish molding came off the car. It did. Are there left and right sun visor brackets? If so I need a right for the above Olds although I expect Chevy and Pontiac would be the same.
  3. Wanting to buy a rubber trunk floor mat for a 1950 Olds 88 2 dr sedan. So far I haven't been able to find anyone reproducing these. Bob
  4. Two or four door? I have two door "Rocket" trim but the problem with any of the old stuff is that the pins on the back of the stainless are either broken off or will break the next time they are bent over. With patience, I understand they can be re-welded/brazed/soldered. My '50 wasn't good enough to merit restoration so I went mid '50s custom. I do not have the wide piece that goes at the bottom 1/4 of the panel since I reused them. Bob
  5. The Filling Station part number VT-73 replaces GM part numbers 985319 and 985528 1938-1954 car (Chevrolet). The current radiator cap (Stant replacement) has the correct operation for a recovery system. The car is a 1950 88 and not a restoration.
  6. Now that The Filling Station has started to sell GM reproductions of the optional early coolant recovery tank does anyone have picture or know where these were actually mounted on the car? Seems like this tank would be a great option for the usual billet type tanks and the later but inappropriate plastic tanks. Bob
  7. I think I've figured it out by references to the eccentric part numbers. The piece with the larger "eye" is for 1955-56 Olds. Thanks if you loooked at the original question.
  8. I came by a set of uprights that have a 1.175" upper opening that the adustment eccentric passes through connecting to the upper lever shock arm. The earlier 1949-?? upright has a .935" opening for the same purpose, Anyone with a Hollander interchange that can identify the years the larger upright was used?
  9. Been so long ago that I disassembled that I can't recall if there was a gasket between the front fender and the fresh air scoop that fits under the headlight on the 49-50 Olds 88. Thanks, Bob
  10. Based on the wide inspection opening and comparing it with a picture from bendsten's transmission adapters, I'd say the the transmission is a "Slim Jim" hydramatic. What year car was the transmission in?
  11. The block that the pump is on is a 1950, not '55. Is there a reason that this pump will not work on a 1950? This is not a restoration as in ever to be judged. I believe I got the vacuum hook up question answered by a model year advisor. Thanks for looking. Bob
  12. Could someone identify which of the fittings on the attached picture of the vacuum side of the fuel pump goes to the wiper motor and which comes from the carburetor base? It also seems odd to me that there would be a shut off valve on the vacuum pump. Is this correct? Thanks, Bob Somehow the picture ended up horizontal. It should be rotated 90 degrees to the right.
  13. I assume the bolt you can't find/see is the rear bolt. It is at the same level and relative location as the front bolt. You can get at it from the side with a 9/16" socket on an extension.
  14. I'm looking for opinions on which manufacturer supplies the best fitting windshield and rear window channel seals. Actually, I'm not certain there is more than on manufacturer since so far Steele Rubber Products is the only one I've seen. The car in question is a 1950 Olds if it makes any difference. Thanks for any info, Bob
  15. Looking for a pair, or driver's side, of doors for an 2 door sedan '88 49-50, 51A. Good skins and bottoms. Bob
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