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  1. Spent some time at Rolf's place a couple of years ago great man sad he's gone he will be missed by me for sure. Dave Hitch
  2. Still need a trunk lid anyone?? Any shape considered! Dave Hitchinson
  3. Thanks I can make the skin on my english but I really dont want to make the inner structure as its way more complicated than the skin. I figure even a rusty one with a bad skin would be great. Eventually I will find one- I hope. Thanks Dave
  4. Anyone know of one? I still need one. I really only need the inner structure if I have to I will make a new skin. Thanks Dave
  5. I sure hope they are not worth 20K like the on ebay. Have they been run or are they completely fresh? Thanks Dave
  6. I am not sure but the skirts seem to stick out from the fenders? Maybe it turned OK. Kinda ugly anyways but its rare to find a 3 window used in hollywood or use for anything for that matter.
  7. Help I got a 37 zephyr coupe and need a deck lid all info and leads appreciated. Thanks Dave
  8. Thought someone here would appreciate it? I stumbled on those pics thought it was neat to see front skirts were used so long ago. Dave
  9. I was searching the web and found these pics. Might have been posted here before if so sorry for the repeat I had never seen this 37 with front fender skirts before. Not he best pics on this web site but interesting none the less. http://imcdb.org/vehicle_174272-Lincoln-Zephyr-720-1937.html Happy Holidays Dave
  10. Rolf if they are bonded they are probably not asbestos linings. If they are riveted they most likely are asbestos. And as we all know the more toxic the better! Actually asbestos linings are the best the newer stuff is all junk. Thanks Dave
  11. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Mike Cullen</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Very nice! A few years ago I saw a two-holer, three stud manifold go for $300, I should have grabbed it. </div></div> I got an NOS edmunds intake off Ebay a couple of years ago for $300 I drove 3 minutes from work to pick it up. The guy tried to back out of the deal, as I guess someone told him after the auction it wasnt for a flathead ford as listed. His loss-my gain, sellers should know what they have but the prices have got out of control lately. Thanks Dave
  12. I grabbed one out a 54 lincoln in a wrecking yard once seemed to be original as the car was loaded with options? Dave
  13. Dont do it! or just give the car to the crusher now! Dave
  14. Well Those are 38 headlights which I need But I do have 39 headlights and trims available. Thanks Dave<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Zephyr3789</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Hello, Phill I would love to buy the lenses, reflectors,and bulbs from you. I'm rebuilding a 39' Zephyr coupe and am having trouble finding 39' lenses. It seems like there are plenty 38's though. Thanks, Rich </div></div>
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