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  1. Thanks Guys for all the home work it looked too good to be true...........
  2. What do you guys think ? New seller and a silly low price on the reserve. $74,900 . I think I smell a rat ......this car should be worth double that and just look at the trouble they went to writing the description. Does anyone know who's car this might be if the photos were stolen from the internet ?
  3. I'm wanting to do this on my 1933 series 66. Is there a chance of drilling too far when getting the pin out ?
  4. I'm up in Norfolk Nebraska, right up highway US 81. I'm putting it on the calendar.
  5. First time in a parade on the Fourth after finishing the outside of the car this last month.
  6. Don't leave out your Nebraska brothers, we don't have much of a club and would enjoy coming down to Kansas. What city are you looking at having the show?
  7. Do they have any interest in selling that 53 Skylark next to the Steamer ?
  8. Yea I have to say the car is worth only about 15,000 to 20,000. I purchased my 1933 66s for close to 30K and now have 30K more into it and it still isn't done. I'm not even going for a true number one. Just a reliable driver that looks good from 15 feet. The picture attached is as I bought it. Who ever buys your car is going to restore it.......... to keep and enjoy...........absolutely not to re sell it and make money because that's just not going to happen. Truth be known I should have bought one already completely done for 40 K from a widow or estate. Restoring a car is like a slow blood letting experience.
  9. Looking to buy a couple hub caps as my set of six isn't perfect. Not looking for true number ones but really nice drivers. Can pick up at the national show in Missouri.
  10. Yes I think the guess was 2000. My brain shut down for a second on typing 1000. I also agree there is way more than that produced. Just look at all the print ads they had for the Wildcat. Buick didn't do all that to just sell a few cars, and if it underperformed like that they wouldn't have changed the Invicta name to Wildcat altogether in 1963.
  11. Yea I have owned two Wildcats from 62 and know of two others close by in rural Nebraska . I think there was a lot more made than people think. (5 or 6 at the National last year?) I'm not sure why Buick used the same model number on the Wildcat as the Invicta, were they trying to cover up production of this car ? The guess-timate of 1000 seems mighty low to me.
  12. Don't know too many Convertibles that don't have rusty floorboards . Kinda part of the deal owning one. Isn't this the same one that has been in the Buick Bugle ??
  13. 1964 Skylark 2dr 1962 Wildcat 1957 Roadmaster 4dr hardtop 1987 Le Sabre 2dr hardtop bought new 1974 Le Sabre Convertible Another 1962 Wildcat 1933 Buick 66s 1962 Invicta Another 1933 Buick 66s
  14. I'm working with Rhode Island wiring and they have patterns for some Buicks 1932 series 60 and the 1933 series 80 and 90. But alas, I have a series 60 for 1933. Do some of these crossover ? I know the schematics for the 60 80 and 90 series 1933 are the same so should I just stick with one of the 80 90 's for 1933 ? Any opinions suggested, I just don't want to go to the trouble of tearing everything out and sending them the old one all marked if there is no reason to. Heath
  15. From the 70 years of Buick book it looks like a series 90 model 90 7 passenger sedan. No it can't be a 57-90. no such thing but, it could be a 90 series 97 model five passenger sedan.