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  1. Thanks for the correction, the car is now in the Netherlands, built in England.
  2. I think you are right, 1931 Wolseley Hornet, from the Netherlands seems to be the answer. Cool, good work drwatson, did mrholmes help? LOL
  3. It was taken in Palm Beach Florida in Jan. of '32.
  4. Looks like most guys think it is English. Year? '32? Sure is a nice looking car, unique windscreen.
  5. Classic Chevy Club wrote a book on restoring a '57 a few years ago, it is a step by step guide with many pictures to taking the car apart and putting it back together (all areas of the car). I used it when I did my '57 and I keep it in my trunk still even tho it is falling apart some. It is called "How to Restore your '57 Chevy". Contact Classic Chevy Internation and get a copy, 1-800-456-1957 or: http://www.classicchevy.com/product.asp?pf%5Fid=17%2D19&dept%5Fid=224 Good luck and take it one step at a time and one day it will be done.
  6. Can anyone ID this car? mystery car Thanks.
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