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    Summer of 56

    You don't WANT a picture right now. I've got primer spots all over it getting it ready for Earl Scheib. That light switch? I don't know if its a design feature or not, but I noticed that to use mine I have to raise a spring-like piece under the switch to operate it.
  2. 49 Packard

    Summer of 56

    Peter, I'm fairly new to Packards - just a year and a half since I bought my '49 off eBay. I've read up to my eyeballs in the old Cormorants, scoured the forums, talked to people who ought to know. I've done my best to educate myself and develop my appreciation for this (fun, interesting and - to me - unique) car I purchased. I suppose, to be totally honest, I must say that in 1964 (while in the Air Force) I did happen to own a '53 Packard for a while, until a guy ran into it, totaling it, where I had it parked on the street in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I had paid $75 for that car! I think your take on the postwar Packard situation makes as much sense as anything else I've run across. It seems to ring true with what I've been reading as I read between the lines. Thanks for your insight, and for sharing your experiences down through the years. Jay
  3. 49 Packard

    Summer of 56

    Peter, thanks for your insights. You make a compelling argument. You're right on the money in one regard... people in this forum just like working on their cars. Looks like this Saturday (March 24) will be the first day good enough to get back underneath the '49, and I'm looking forward to it. It's been a long winter, and writing code (I do software for a living) doesn't compare for fun.
  4. I'll 'amen' that. I didn't know much about cars when I bought my '49 22nd Series, but I sure have learned a bunch along the way. There seems to be a good network of guys that own these fine cars, and they are fun to work on. Unlike the original writer in these posts I DO have a tight money situation, but that serves to keep it interesting. Mine is a 2262, 288 CID Deluxe Eight. Goals for the spring and summer, (1) a headliner, (2) paint job, (3) most of my spare time (love those longer summer nights after work!) just making it nicer.
  5. Has anyone here had experience repainting a steering wheel? I don't want to paint it with something that will be sticky forever like Krylon... Any recommendations?
  6. Well, always late to the party <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/tongue.gif" alt="" /> I also attempted to rebuild my carb last summer. Did a pretty miserable job I'm afraid. I wound up sending it to a carb outfit in Phoenix where they did a really great job on it. I'll look forward to seeing your writeup on your carb rebuild. Next time I'll do it right! Thanks, Kev. Jay
  7. What an excellent job you did on the fuel pump document! I wish I had had that before I bought a rebuilt one last year. I'd sure have made the attempt. Thanks so much for your effort. Jay
  8. I bought a 3H2 battery, which is the same size you're looking for, at our local "Thrifty Tractor Supply" for 69.95. NAPA had some similar for $73, and the Batteries Plus franchises can get them too. The more difficult item to find is a 00 gauge battery cable with molded/soldered ends. Jay ('49 22nd Series Deluxe Eight)
  9. I'm after a decent set of 760-15 wide WW tires. Don't have to be new, just not ugly or dry-rotted. Thanks, Jay
  10. I'm new at this, but I don't think I'd want to miss it. Plus, I already live in Indiana!
  11. Where on the horn button does the wire connect? I need to run one up thru the column and don't know where it ought to hook on.
  12. I'm fixing up a '49 Deluxe Eight (22nd), and have come down to working on the horn. There is no wire coming up thru the (previously disassembled, but not by me) steering column. Since I've never seen how it hooks up, can someone tell me just how the wire from the horn relay eventually winds up at and attaches to the horn button? I'd love to see a picture, but an explanation would be great in itself. Thanks, Jay
  13. My '49 (288 CID) came without a thermostat retainer. Is there a cross for these? I haven't been able to come up with anything.
  14. I found a place on the web, located in Kentucky, that does good work and has decent prices. Check out http://www.smithshotrodglass.com/. I have an order in right now for the same piece of glass you're after, plus two wing windows ('49 22nd series 4dr). Jay
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