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  1. I'm getting a replacement rear end for my '49 next week. I've never done anything like this before, and I'm just curious as to the steps in removing and replacing a rear axle as you're doing.
  2. Does anyone know of a source (besides New Jersey) of window channels for a 2262 Deluxe Eight??
  3. OK, So I'm a Packard driver! But a guy just offered me a four-door all original 1960 Corvair. The car is complete, with lots of spare parts from another parts car. Almost no rust, engine is free. The car did not run when I looked at it this evening, but the owner says he had it running around in his yard last year. Power Glide transmission. If I can get it running enough to move it back and forth in the driveway what do you experts think it should be worth? The guy only wants $350, and that includes the Corvair shop manual and a back seat full of spare parts. Thanks for any and all help!
  4. Overdrive relay and solenoid.
  5. I need an R11 overdrive governor for a '49 Packard, 22nd series. Thanks in advance, Jay Faubion http://webhubcentral.com/packard
  6. I need an R11 overdrive governor for a '49 22nd series. Thanks in advance, Jay Faubion http://webhubcentral.com/packard
  7. OK, so we don't really worry about how many miles per gallon we get in these old cars. I know that. But for some reason people always ask the question anyway. At $4+ per gallon even my wife wants to know what I'm getting. I checked mine this week ('49 22nd Series 288CID) and I got 14 MPG in mixed freeway/city/county road driving. Does anyone else ever check their gas mileage? (Added later) I should add that my overdrive is NOT working, and I could probably do better on the MPGs if it was.
  8. I got my headliner from UPS last night and I'm looking forward to installing it. This will be a fun first-time experience. When I removed the old headliner last fall I found that some insulation padding had come loose and fallen onto the old headliner. It's weight on the old fabric was a big part of the problem. See picture below. So the question is (especially for those of you that have done work like this), is would you try and duplicate the insulation, or just clean-up/paint-up the steel roof interior and install the new headliner without new pad? If you were going to put in new pad, what would you use? Thanks for all advice offered. Jay
  9. No, that's a 14mm and the original is a 10mm. The 23rd series (1950) evidently had two different types at different times.
  10. Can anyone recommend a suitable cross for my Autolite P-4 plugs? I don't seem to be having much luck. Whether Autolite or not, these would be the plugs used in a 22nd series 288. Thanks very much.
  11. OK, I got the engine raised up a little bit. For those of you (like Dr. Dirt) who have written and want to watch the progress you can see how it was done at This Spot. I'm not intending to post something here every time I do something; I figure if you're watching you will visit the website on your own. This will be the only time I'll make any progress notifications, so as not to flood the forum with unnecessary posts from a true novice. Jay
  12. Great advice. You all are really helpful. I'll get back on it tonight after work.
  13. I'm pretty sure it's ok, but I just want to hear that from some of you experienced people: I was removing the nuts from two of the head bolts (studs) tonight so I could fit a strap on the head to lift it by. I'm lifting the entire engine a few inches so I can remove the oil pan in order to replace my rear seal. I realized after pulling the rachet free that one of the studs had turned completely out, and that the nut was still in place on the stud (making it like a hex head bolt). On the other one the nut only came off. Of course, a ton of antifreeze came out of that bolt hole where the stud was removed. Is this a problem at all? Seems like when I put it back together it ought to work out the same, but I'm a concerned enough to ask the experts. Pictures at RearMainSeal
  14. Before I did anything else to try and <span style="font-style: italic">fix</span> it, I'd use a second gauge and double check that the oil pressure is really that high.
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