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  1. WOW!!! I don't think I have ever seen a car with that much rot!
  2. WOW!! I never would have imagined they went for that much! In light of that information I will add a sincere "NEVER MIND":o
  3. I just saw on ebay where someone is selling a "new" windshield for the very low price of $1400.00. I know they are hard to come by but really? What am I missing? There is another for $400.00 which is much more reasonable I think. Oh well, I wish him luck.
  4. sptfr43


    Thanks all. Contacted Jim. At least it isn't snowing this time I broke down.
  5. sptfr43


    I am in dire need! My lower control arm on passenger side broke today. Needless to say finding the part has been less than fruitful. Anyone have a suggestion where I might find one? dealer said no as did autozone. Sadly this is my only car at the moment so I need to fix it.
  6. sptfr43

    ecm on 91

    can anyone tell me the location of the ecm on a 91? I am having several issues and want to try cleaning the connector to see if it helps.
  7. been trying to read up on and understand the different systems and their operation for the last couple hours and still no closer to understanding. I guess my best bet would be to pay the dealer to figure this thing out. The mechanical parts are easy to envision and figure out but when it comes to electronic brains, forget it.Sorry if it seems as if I am asking you guys to troubleshoot my car for me, that's not the case. I just don't have the background it takes to get this stuff.
  8. I did download the fsm and went through as much of it as I could bear. I guess not knowing what parts are what and which are where is the thing that confuses me. For instance what and where is the bcm? It differs from the ecm and icm? If I had hair I would pull it out.
  9. I have tried reading the manual but all this computer stuff makes my head spin. Funny, I can fix a $20 million jet but a new car makes a fool of me every time. Makes me love my Triumph more and more.
  10. no, when the speedo is out the cruise is also. The speedo does work for a few minutes in the a.m when I first start up but then it starts reading bad, like 65 when I know I am only going around 20 then drops to 0 and stays that way the rest of the day. where would I find the other connectors? I found where the wire bundle goes into the bulkhead but am leary of opening up that junction and having more problems. Thanks for all the help by the way.
  11. is there anything inside the trans that could be at fault? I assume there is a magnet or some such thing that works the sensor.
  12. no it did not clear the codes and the ses light still comes on. the codes I am getting are ed17, 24, 31 and I think it says 41 but can't find that one listed. also b448 and b552 both history but don't know what those are for either
  13. ok, now for another question, I replaced the sensor because I was getting the vss code and the speedo still doesn't work ( shows 0 mph ) and the shifting is all out of whack. Is there anything else in the system that would cause this? I tried to locate the plug the wires lead to to check that but couldn't find it. I am starting to get tired of these computer cars now. Can't wait to get my spitfire mk1 back on the road!
  14. Does anyone know where to get a speed sensor for a 91? tried autozone, murrays no luck. dealer has to order and I really don't want to wait. Thanks
  15. what is the secondary ign? mine has the " bucking" at 2500 rpms. sometimes fixes itself and sometimes I have to shut it off and let it sit for a while.takes effort to get past 3000
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