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  1. The website is also a good one which- when you are ready to broach the topic- should be re used as well with modification as needed reflecting Dave having passed away etc..... The shop did my car; a '39 series 81-c and it turned out beautifully.
  2. A recent " three o'clock in the morning " concern regarding the effect of EP diff / trany lubricants upon the yellow metals in my old Buick caused me to call the Ask Mobil hot line. When told of my concern re yellow metals the Mobil rep recommended their Delvac Synthetic Transmission Fluid 50. The product literature available states that it has " substantial advantages over conventional sulphur -phosphorus gear oils " and that it acts as a 90 weight gear oil at the high end of the temperature / viscosity scale. He also said you needn't flush old lubricants, just drain and fill. I haven't purchased this product yet, and ask if others have any experience or thoughts regarding this product.
  3. I just finished Bugatti Memories by Gene Cesari. A wonderful book about the author's experiences as a grad student in the '60's who seems to have put himself through school while indulging his automotive interests by importing Bugatti's , Alfa's etc.... at what now appear to be a pittance. His contact in France would send him information on located cars, ( comparatively very little ) money would be wired, and a couple of months later the car would appear on the docks. The author would take a bus down from Upstate New York or New Hampshire, arrive at the docks with a gas can, then drive them home. Incredible cars, great story, and wonderful photos. Was our hobby ever really so innocent ?
  4. Re the radiator shroud question: In the 1940 Buick Parts And Service Bulletins, on pg. 39 they mention that re the '39 models " there have been some complaints of engines over-heating at extremely low car speed...., the same condition can occur when bringing the engine to idle speed too quickly after a high speed run ". The factory bulletin goes on to address the availability of a retrofit fan shroud ( different part number for series 40 and series 80/90 fan shroud- but no shroud was recommended for the 60 series ). Photos of the factory shroud are provided. Also recommended was adding a quarter of an inch to the pitch of the fan ( all except 40 series ) as well as adding a felt strip between the top of the radiator and the radiator shell. Again, these fixes were only to address low speed or at idle overheating. As an aside, my '39 model 81-c has the large Trippes in the location shown in the photo and it runs cool ( knock on wood ).
  5. It's all very much Greek to me but I recently had my '39 81-c repainted Ranier Blue ( a very dark almost black blue ) and this is what I was provided with should I ever need a touch-up: PPG Deltron DBC base coat #4751 Authentic Blue, OEM code 897. Dead on the original Ranier Blue? I'm not sure. If the above means anything to a paint shop,try a little bit and see if you like it.
  6. In an interesting article in the business section of the 11/15/11 New York Times the success of the Buick brand in that most important market of China was discussed ( sales of over 550,000 in'10).Chinese auto market experts quoted in the aticle stated that the Buick brand was held in high esteem for the products it offers there as well as for it's history as the car of choice of their last emperor,as well as the country's first provisional president Dr. Sun Yat-sen and People's Republic Of China's first premier Zhou Enlai. Audi was similarly well regarded,but Mercedes was seen by many Chinese as an old persons car and BMW had a somewhat tainted image as a vehicle for the arrogant,rash,and possibly corrupt. A Chinese auto reporter was quoted as saying " We joke that our market revived Buick from the dead-it's only partly a joke" Only partly a joke indeed.
  7. I once purchased an old XK Jag which had been stored in a metal building. Upon starting it spit acorns and mouse nesting material out of it's tail pipes for an impressive distance. Since then I seal off the exaust pipes each winter,and so far have remembered to remove it before starting .
  8. These wonderful photos serve as a reminder of how highly thought of Buicks were internationaly in the '20's and 30's. This of course is why Buick exists today-specifically due to the Chinese Communist government's request of General Motors that Buick be the car manufactured in China vs. the other divisional offerings. China's request-due to Buick's high regard in that nation pre WW II-saved it from the ax which swung over Olds and Pontiac.
  9. Though not the only taxis on the streets then,you can't go wrong with Renault;popular in Paris then and made famous for helping to bring French troops to the front to halt the advancing German troops during the Battle of the Marne.
  10. I too add Star Tron to my fuel with each fill up. I am using this product at the strong suggestion of the local marina operator who adds it in bulk to their underground fuel tank. There have been no ill effects and if it eliminates ethanol related problems,which I believe are much more to be feared than the lack of lead,then it is of significant value.
  11. I would think that '38/'39 Buick 80 series ,especially the very low production Phaetons (350 +/- units produced each of these years) would be "pre approved" for CCCA certification as their only signifocant differences from the certified '40 80 series Buick are in the design of their dashboard and grill. This aside I won't show up yet at a CCCA event with my '39 81-c in an effort to spare others any embarrassment until what must be an oversight is corrected. As far as the engine size/wheelbase/low production/price measurements go the '38/'39 80 series Phaetons meet or exceed the qualifications of many CCCA Classics from A.C.,Auburn,and Bentley to Wills St. Claire. Interesting,these late '30's Buicks were favored by royalty in Scandinavia and the United Kingdom,so much so that Rolls Royce purchased a 1939 80 series car for engineering inspection (see Rolls Royce & Their Competitors '06-'65),and they were particularly impressed with it's 320 inch straight eight. As an aside, for those who find wheelbase of great importance,the '37 80 series cars had a shorter wheelbase than the 133" wheelbase found on the '38-'39 cars.
  12. Earl: I happen to have a '39 Color and Trim dealers album book,which I found years ago shortly after buying my '39 81-c. I has very nice paint samples,convertble top samples,as well as interior fabric and leather samples. The piece has an leather cover with a floral pattern embossed upon it. Though it's not in the best of shape it seems to be complete. While it's not for sale,it is a nice piece to have found.Speaking of convertible top samples,there was a rather rude light blue canvas top material offered for convertibles that year which I've never seen on a car and can understand why. Best Regards,Tom
  13. Not being a labor historian,I'd say these photos might well be from the famous forty day "sit down" strike. Things look a little too casual otherwise.
  14. Regarding Mr.Waggoner,if Capitalism is about one thing it is about accountability (something corporate boards forget occassionaly),and he is accountable for the precipitous decline of GM under his leadership-reflected in it's stock falling from $70 to $3 during his period in charge. His bonus for failure,a $23 million pension,should ease his pain and humiliation. Besides,from what I've heard from his replacement,Mr. Henderson,he sounds like he is very much up to the task.Ironically,it is likely due more to a Communist,Mr. Cho En-lai,than Mr. Waggoner that our beloved Buick is with us today. As Premier of Communist China he selected the Buick nameplate,given it's proud history in China as the Emporer's car,to be GM's China product,thus ensuring Buick's survival. Witness the jointly developed China/US new Buick mid sized sedan coming out next year. Life sure is interesting.
  15. I'm sorry I can't at the moment add photos of my additions to this list but '39 books which I also have are: 1)Buicks Busy Acres,showing '39s being built 2)1939 Engineering Information For Manufacturing Division, a book showing and discribing various assembly related issues 3) a 1939 Dealers Album,showing colors and upholstrey materials 4)a brochure for the Great Britain market 5)The Majestic Tour Of Canada,a piece highlighting the '39 Buick Phaeton specialy built to carry George VI on his Canadian tour 6) a small packet of photos put out immediately after WWII in Norway to celebrate liberation,showing the Royal family parading in their '39 81-c 7)Color And Trim For Buick 1939,a spiral bound booklet with all Buick series outlined,which when flipped to the various color offerings of that year show what the car you ordered would look like. 8)Lastly I have a rather large flip chart on a metal stand which would have sat on a dealership floor,which explains and illustrates the new look for '39