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  1. I have started refinishing my wood spoke wheels and find several of my wheel bolts need replacing. Anybody know where I can buy some replacement bolts and nuts to fit the wheels on a 28-20? I am also missing one wheel clamp (the piece of metal that fits over the bolt and clamps onto the wheel . I looked on Bob's and didn't find the bolts or the wheel clamp. Thanks to 29Olds for advising the missing thing is a "wheel clamp." Thanks
  2. I am finally getting around to my restoration and would like input as to where best to buy: 1. The black floor lining used for the front seat floor. I expect it comes in a roll and you buy it by the yard. I have the old one so I have a pattern. 2. The black lining that covers the side running boards 3. white wall tires for a 28 2dr sedan. I am in Houston if any of this can be acquired locally. thanks
  3. Dave, I saw it earlier because I have a search set for 28 mascots. I believe they cut away the bottom like someone did on mine. This week I actually managed to land an original 28 mascot in very good condition so I am now happy and poor all at the same time.
  4. Yes, since my post I found out my mascot broke and someone cut away everything below the top rim and sat the top on a radiator cap with the rim overlapping slightly and set two screws from below. It probably worked fine until the back cracked, likely due to the stress from the screws. I have decided to just replace it.
  5. This was with my 28 Buick. I don't have a clue. See attached pic.
  6. 1928 - did they chrome or nickel plate (or other) bumpers/radiator shells etc.
  7. Thanks for the info. The Buick is located on a farm outside San Antonio.
  8. After many months I have moved my 28-20 from the prior owners to her new home in the country 250 miles away. Upon a closer inspection, there is more rust than I first noticed and I may go through the whole body removal routine. Not sure yet. I should have many questions and appreciate any advice you can spare. Question: This car has whitewalls that are very stained due to the car sitting under a carport unattended for over 10 years. Most of the stains are wheel rust related and does not wash out. Is there any product on the market or homemade concoction that will remove some of this st
  9. OK, one more question. I went back to the judging manuel and per Greg, the 1926 models on page 36 are actually 1928 models and they indicate the 28-20's came in Parkway Green and Atlantic Green again per Greg not avenue green as I stated above). Which of the greens is the lighter of the two?
  10. Thanks Greg. I need to mark my pages accordingly. I also need to do what Mark said and look for some original paint behind the door panels or elsewhere on the car to see if I can determine the original color. Since you hve the same model, is there any specific place you havelocated any priginal paint? I have no issues with getting it repainted if it is way off spec. Have you posted a pic of your 28-20 on the site? If not, can you attach a pic or is there a link? If not, do you know if there is a color chart anywhere showing your Parkway Green?
  11. I am looking at the 2005 BCA Judging Handbook 7th addition, page 37. I am confused because I have a 1928 model 20 and on this are models 48, 50, 51, 54, 55 and 58. I also see Avenue Green for the model 50 and Highway Gray for the model 51 but I can not locate Parkway Green for 1928 models. Am I looking in the wrong place? I note on page 37 for 1929 there is a model 20 but none listed in 1928. I also note on page 36 there is a model 20 for the 1926 models. between page 36 and 37 it appears the 1927 models and the first part of the 1928 models are missing but my copy lists the pages I am r
  12. Mark, Derek, thanks. I must have looked it up wrong. Attached is a pic of the Buick. I bought it but have not moved it to my place yet as I am building a large barn to store it and the rest of my toys. The S# is 2163735 and I do not know much about its history except that it was restored about 18 years ago and about 15 years ago the owner just parked it and has not done anything to it since so while I do not have to start from scratch, I have some work to so. The pic I am attaching is about 15 years old and I am told this is an original green color. In the interim, there was some body ru
  13. I have a newly acquired 1928 Buick model 28-20 and it is green and black. Based on the information I can locate, the original color is Avenue green" and black. I have looked everywhere for a color chart showing "Avenue green" and can not locate it. Some sites I have visited start listing color charts in 1929. One site lists a comparable color of "Bolivia green which was in a 1949 Plymouth and I found a color chart for it and it appears to be much much darker than the color of my car. I am trying to determine if the current color of my Buick is even close to this elusive Avenue green color
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