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  1. Thanks John! I started locally & found Blackburn Wheel, a large wheel refinisher. However, I wasn't very happy about the price they were quoting. I then found Pro-Wheels in Detroit and through some negotiation, they provided complete services for $540. This comes out to $135 @ wheel, which included Pro-Wheels providing the core wheels, refinishing to my specs, & shipping/handling to my address. Here's the link to their site: Pro-Wheels The gentleman whom handled my order is named Mark and can be reached at 313-342-8300. Feel free to use me as a reference. -Dave
  2. Thank you Barney, Brian & Dale! Up until present I've done soft mods - the wheels, amber front turns, & the custom power "6" decals on the front fenders. All of these are, of course, reversible without much work. Given the car has only 28K on the clock & the previous owner went to great lengths to maintain the originality of the car, I'm torn when it comes to any other mods. My last car, a 2005 Pontiac GTO which I sold in the summer of 2011, was the same. It had only 5K on it when I let her go with tasteful, yet completely reversible mods. Notwithstanding, I certainly miss the "seat of your pants" power! If I could find an OEM looking turbo set-up & address the trans weakness for handling the added horses, I would certainly give it serious consideration!
  3. If you belong to the Lesabre Forum you have already seen this article. However, I thought this would be another great venue to showcase these wheels for my BLT. The original wheels were 15 X 6 and I wanted something a little bigger for improved handling. These started out as normal Bonneville 6510's, 16 X 7, 5 X 115mm pattern w/70.3mm center bore. I had them tested true, blasted, powder coated black, outside flange machined/polished, and clear coated. The GNX style wheels are finished with "one-off" center caps & black lugs. The center caps was a collaborative effort between myself and another board member, "Z-type". I furnished the design idea reminiscent of the WS6 T/A center caps using the BLT RPO code “WE2” with the circumference reading “Buick Motorsports”. Z picked out period correct font, added the small power 6s (a stroke of genius – don’t tell him!) and performed all the heavy lifting of painting, appliqué, and applying enough clear the lettering is now under glass!!! The wheels are wrapped in BF Goodrich Radial T/As 235/55/16s.
  4. Try: The Lesabre T-type Forums • Index page
  5. I wanted to post this new emblem which I purchased for a project which never materialized. While not factory, this front GN grille emblem appear to be OEM in quality & design (albeit smaller for the grille). I have one of these to sell. I see them selling elsewhere for $49 + $8 shipping Get it here for $49 shipping included.
  6. I have the following emblems for sale. These are GM issue for the rare 1984-85 Riviera w/the turbo option. They're made of metal* and the NOS sets still have the factory double back tape attached. I have 2 NOS sets (2 emblems per set) $100.00 for each pair I also have 3 used excellent emblems (will require new tape) at $40.00 per emblem *NOTE: I also have a plastic pair which I'm not sure where they were used. The plastic NOS set is $50 for the pair. Shipping included to the lower 48; PayPal add 3% please Message me for any additional details. Thanks!
  7. If I were to sell NOS or excellent "Turbocharged" emblems for front fender of the '84-'85 Riviera with that option, what would be a good market price for a pair?
  8. Paul, The DRLs and front turn signals are incorporated together into one socket & the DRLs are always on. The bulb is a dual filament 4157. As far as I can see, engaging the turn signal activates the second filament for increased brightness, like a brake light. My hope is to isolate the turn signal circut lead and splice into it. In theory, since the DRLs are constant hot and the turn signals intermittent, I think it should still work. However, the person who first told me about this mod original wrote "Please note, however, that this modification would only work if the amber DRLs turn OFF when the headlights and/or park lights are turned on. If the DRL bulbs are always on, the marker lights would never have a path to ground and would never come on (until the turn signals were turned on, at wich point they'd alternate)." However, I don't see a problem if the DRLs and Turns have independent power sources. What is your opinion? Thanks, Dave
  9. Thanks Paul, the wiring summary in the link you provided says: "When powered on[turn signals], the side marker has 12 volts on both sides and doesn't light." This proves the sidemarker negative lead get attached to the postive lead of the turn signal. I thought this was the case, since wiring negative accomplishes nothing! Now I have to find out if this is possible because I also have the DRLs incorporated, using a dual filament 4157 bulb. However, since an alternating "hot" powers the second filament, I would think it should still work. Thank you again for your response. It was much appreciated!
  10. Help please! I've owned quite a few Oldsmobiles and a number of them had the front turn signals which alternate with the side markers when the headlights are on. Someone advised me this was done by the factory passing the ground of the side marker through the bulb of the turn signal. When the turn signal is off, the marker uses the bulb as a ground and illuminates. When the turn signal comes on, the ground is broken and the side marker goes out. Thus the alternating effect. Now I would like to wire my late model Buick the same way. However, I don't exactly know where the side marker ground is supposed to be attached. Anyone know the answer!
  11. Thanks guys! David, this project ran me about $100. However, the person doing the prototype always pays more. <img src="" alt="" /> If you join, foxthundercats provides our members with a nice discount on the sequencer module. The forum is free & specializes in '97.5 - 2004 Regals, but is open to all. You may find some other interesting mods for your 2001 GS. For instance, one member just finished putting a new version of the SLP GSX rear deck spoiler into production. It looks awesome. Send me a PM with your e-mail address and I'll send you my install instructions for the sequencer in either a Word or PDF file attachment. Let me know which format you prefer! What do think of my GN Cowl hood? (left click over image to enlarge)
  12. No problem Bruce! Glad you were able to get what you wanted!
  13. You may also wish to contact Ed Morad of Morad Parts Company, a recycler out of Cleveland, OH. Ed specializes in parts for late model 3800 powered vehicles. Send him an e-mail at or call him at(216) 798-6902. Ed has been an outstanding resource to many guys at and ClubGP. Dave (2003 White Regal)