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  1. Must sell my 1989 TC, its got under 77k miles. It's yellow w/ ginger interior and everything works except the A/C because a tube is unattached and even though it just needs to be reattached I know if I try it myself I will cause the car to explode in flames.... asking $3500, I live in California but will ship at buyer's expense. Call (925)785-9825 or email at paintballer687@aol.com
  2. My armrest is ripped so if anyone is parting out their car and has one in the tan color send me a PM. Thanks
  3. I'm in California but shipping aside could you part with only two of them and if so then how much?
  4. How much would it cost to dismount tires on two of them?
  5. I'm interested in the rims, could you possibly part with only two or do you need to sell as a set?
  6. Do you have the rims? Do you know if they're the same for the '89 model?
  7. Apparently two of my rims are bent, one on the inside and one on the outside, and I can't seem to find replacements anywhere. Does anyone know a place? And, seeing as I know nothing about cars, can the rims possibly be fixed?
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