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  1. I am looking for a 1941 Super 50 steering column and wheel. I may have located a 1940 Special column and wheel and wonder if they would be interchangeable? I would appreciate any help you can give. Thanks, Tom
  2. Thanks for the interesting information Paul. Guess this is not an option for our 41 Super. Doggone it! Tom
  3. The October issue of the Buick Bugle has a cars for sale ad on page 61 describing a 1940 Buick Special with "very rare factory installed optional 'sunshine turret top' sunroof". Does anyone know if this is, in actuality, a factory option? If so, was it also available in 1941 on the Super 4 door. I am planning on restoring a 41 Super soon and think it would be great to put one in. Thanks for any info, Tom
  4. Thanks for the information, Gloria.
  5. Ok here's the body plate information. 1941 Mod 51 Style 41-4519 Body No 24839 Trim 905 Paint 561 VIN is 14I45203 Thanks, Gloria
  6. Hello All, Just picked up a 41 Super Series 50 yesterday and need some help deciphering the vin number. Anybody know how or where to research the vin? Thanks, Gloria
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