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  1. For Sale: English Ford Dagenham factory letters full set of 1958 - 27 car & 41 Thames plus a ’57 index, ’59 11 car and 3 Thames letters plus a multiple page tech description of the Taunus M17. The ’59s & Taunus are in poor to fair shape, the ’58s in good or better condition. $50 plus $4 P&H. DJ Kava, 1755 Bandera Dr, Beaumont, TX 77706 djksetx@yahoo.com
  2. It has been a year since visiting this site to peddle a '65-66 AMC AM/FM radio leftover from my car rotation caused by lost hurricane storage. Back to Buda QU. As far as I know it is ringer for the Atlas but will ding a few '09 guys to see if there were casting differences. Atlas did the first ones and when sales/production out paced their shop added Buda. It too was primitive in production methods and production meetings indicated they had constant visits with engineering part chaser to insure delivery. They shifted to the bigger Continental for the new '12 models with a lingering few Model 20s. Production was about 5,000 per year and to save shipping costs the managers in separate land deal sold the space next door to Continental. The thing I wanted to add was a president Chapin's comment about a complaint to the NYT about one of the their ads. He mentioned that they designed them and suppliers were free to modify for commercial use. Easy for manufacturers to change bore, harder on the stroke. SIA decades ago had Continental history with all sorts of specs indicating something like the '14 6-40 Light Six was repeated for years. I suspect the Buda QU is also one of these. The 7Xs Hudson Stepdown showed the weakness in the cars. On the race track first was braking wheels followed by an "severe usage" parts number sees. Generally the u-joints held up but what your brother may have had problems with is the bonded rubber mounted center support bearing bracket. Parts books actually have two durometer hardness numbers. In the '60s I broke them a number of times in Texas but corrosion and could mess them up. There is at least one '70s published account how a Chicago car at 60mph froze up and sliced a hole in the floor next to his standing kid!
  3. Working on a story. Can anyone ID the make model of these fuel tankers being shipped to Russia in 1932? You can answer here but best if you email djksetx@yahoo.com. Thanks. Who might have been brokering trucks to Russia in this era?
  4. For Sale Rambler Collision Parts Cat '58-64 Minor stains $14 plus $6 P&H. DJ Kava, Beaumont, TX djksetx@yahoo.com
  5. For Sale NOS ’58 Rebel/Custom LH grille, perfect mint. Had a ’58 Rebel and actually gave the car away and a month later did a free brake job on it. Kept the grille for an art sculpture piece but after 20 years lost my vision. Never opened the little bag, some sort of lumpy metal thing inside. With the price of chrome plating these days $250 plus $20 H&S. DJ Kava, Beaumont, TX djksetx@yahoo.com
  6. These trucks all went to Russia with Etnyre bodies. Interested in make and model.
  7. Nice to stumble on to you guys. Mostly a Hudson Motors historian but have some questions for you catalog guys. I used peak at them myself a couple of decades ago. In 1909 the 1st Hudson Model 20's had 3 3/4 x 4 1/2 B&S. It was made by Indy's Atlas but their production demands added Buda. I've lots of productions meeting minutes indicating problems with getting Buda up to speed. The 4 1/2" stroke was used until the Continental started the '13 larger Model 37 fours. I've seen catalogs that called the '09-10 Model 20s as a Buda QU. Then later with different sizes as QU. Anyone familiar with these? Hudson made parts for WWI Nash Quad but haven't seen much on engine specs. Certainly not Hudson. I don't visit often so send me an email and post here for a thread. DJ Kava 1755 Bandera Beaumont, Tx 77706 djksetx@yahoo.com
  8. For Sale 1977-79 Caddy LH rear view illuminated thermometer mirror, NOS in box Group 10.185; #20000654. Fits C & D models. $295 plus $18 P&H. Purchased for a ’77 Coupe Deville, now three cars back. Just looked and it’s still as new. DJ Kava, 1755 Bandera Dr, Beaumont, Tx 77706 djksetx@yahoo.com
  9. Help. I need a '90 Brougham RH parking light lens for state inspection. Bought one off of eBay and it arrived today and was for the Front Wheel drivers. The one I need has the yellow lens below and not on the side. This is my daily driver. Uncracked used ok. DJ Kava, 1755 Bandera Dr., Beaumont, TX 77706 409 617-1751.
  10. Help. I need a '90 Brougham RH parking light lens for state inspection. Bought one off of eBay and it arrived today and was for the Front Wheel drivers. The one I need has the yellow lens below and not on the side. This is my daily driver. Uncracked used ok. DJ Kava, 1755 Bandera Dr., Beaumont, TX 77706 409 617-1751.
  11. Ben F. Gregory was a very talented individual who had basically a 6th grade education who ran away and joined the circus as a bicycle performer doing a loop after rolling down a high ramp. He graduated to one of those motorcyclists inside the large wooden barrel. During WWI he worked in Walter Christie’s truck preparation for Roy Chapin’s Motor Transport that drove trucks overland to eastern ports to free the railroads for armaments. They needed repair and prep for shipment and Gregory was a mechcanic. After the war he built some front wheel drive race cars powered by surplus aviation engines including a Hisso. These he barnstormed at the Midwest fair races. He was also an inventor and held several front wheel drive patents culminating in a handful of prototype FW production called the Gregory that was displayed at the KC auto show circa 1921 (at the beach away from files). He abandoned autos when the aviation bug bit and purchased a series planes and returned to barnstorming. He survived the Depression traveling from south Texas northward with spring. Often crashing he had a near fatal accident circa ’41 that crippled him & financially bankrupt & broke up his family. He worked as an aviation engine inspector in KC during WWII. Then his situation improved reuniting the family and permitted him to experiment with front wheel drive once again. Shelton’s Machine Shop was a noted go to place for one off experimental work in aviation & racing. After the war the still handicapped Gregory was a regular and started another series of odd cars FW prototype cars, one which is at the Lane Museum in Nashville and a couple with a local collector in KC. [The Shelton shop’s building existed 10 yrs ago & may still exist.] I spoke with Shelton’s son who recalls these prototypes and rescued (stole) the Lane “Black” car from AMC that purchased all the stuff along with the Mighty Mite rights. Gregory & the Mighty Mite is a convoluted story that his daughter and Shelton’s help clarify. As noted there is considerable Mighty Mite info on the internet but this is the preamble. One Hudson executive who worked on it said, "It came from the Nash side." That connection I don't know.
  12. The girl looks like the model for "The Scream" an important painting!
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