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  1. Thanks, can I bypass the carb switch by conneting the two wires at the card to each other and then press the pedal. This should bypass the system all together right? Also if the ball on the switch is left up the up position (stuck) the car wouldn't start either right? Before I take it apart I want to see if this would work.
  2. thnks, I DId notice that my carb. starter switch wire was loose, after further inspecion the wire at the plastic body was completely gone. I grounded out one of the terminals in the back and got the motor to turn, when I tried to give it gas it stopped turning. When I released the gas it started turning again. Does the carb. starter switch and the starter, pedel work together. This set-up is all new to me and I've never hasd to deal with this problem. Does anyone know of a rplacement part? thanks again for all the help sp far.
  3. 37-ML-130896-ML- Duplicate thread. Please see General Discussion forum.
  4. First I wanted to say hello to everyone and I hope that someone out there can help me. I recently got my 1958 buick started again, after replacing the points, wire and plugs, she was humming like a champ. The generator starting smoking so I turned her off. Now she wont start at all, I turn the key and there is silence. Battery is charged- when I turn the key and press the gas pedal to start it the motor doen't turn over, I get nothing. I tested the Starter, the starter is working I am getting power to the starter Could me voltage regulator be bad, I just changed it 2-4 years ago. Could the ignition switch gone bad? I am getting power to the switch-not sure if it is sending it back out. Also can anyone explain how the gas pedal starting system works. I appreciate anyone that could help me with this. Thanks so much.
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