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  1. Dear Joe: Look forward to your search. My daughter, Kailla, and I searched (again) Sunday afternoon. Nothing. Cheers. Michael.
  2. Dear Joe: Thanks!! You wouldn't have to have two of these you would like to sell? Seems my seats were never properly seated. Cheers. Michael.
  3. Dear Joe: It would be three as I have the split rear seat same as you. Cheers. Michael.
  4. Dear Joe: Putting my front seat in next week I hope. As you know, most of my photos blew up in the computer. Does the front seat just bolt down or (as I have been told) there are two little channels that hold the front down. Confused. Any pictures of what they (if needed) might look like? Great series. I use your site a lot for my restoration. 49D wagon. Cheers from Alberta. Michael.
  5. Dear Joe: Awesome! I would need three of them as I have the split back seat. Do you have an idea of costs? Cheers. Michael.
  6. Yes, the oval shaped bumpers on the rear floor. Thoughts? Cheers. Michael.
  7. Where can I buy a new rope? Have not found a source yet. Cheers from Alberta.
  8. I was wondering if it would cost a lot to make the pucks for the rear seat legs? I don't even have the rough ones. Also, where do I find the rope for the back seat? Cheers from Alberta. Michael.
  9. Did Buick Jim et al end up making a mold and making new ones? Cheers from Alberta
  10. I had the same problem with my clips for the rear window trim. No one has them! Nor the gas line clips. So, like you, had to make them. Still watching your progress! Michael.
  11. Dear Gary: How did you make out on the chrome headliner pieces? Cheers. Michael.
  12. Dear Jim: Thanks! That is exactly what I was looking for. And, just discovered I don't that that little copper piece. Will dig some more or make one I guess. Cheers. Michael.
  13. Very inspiring. Been working on my 49D as well. I am at the stage to install the steering column and have lost the shots (well, almost the entire drive/file) of the rag connection and the mounting of the steering column in the engine compartment. Would you happen to have a couple of shots?
  14. I bought mine from Darryl Loose at . 1 7/8 and not Coker. Great service. Cheers. Michael.
  15. Dear Doug: Edmonton. Mine is a 58 Estate Wagon 49D. It is almost all back together. Pink. Will be fun when it is done. It had been in a barn (yes, a real barn) north of Edmonton since the 1970s. Lots of work, but it is fun to play with. I'll fire you some pictures as it gets closer. I will be using your pictures to put my steering column back together. Cheers. Michael.
  16. I found this thread while looking for "1958 Buick grounding straps." Wow! what a great thread. I have spent the afternoon reading and been excited about a number of your thoughts (and the notes on the steering column, one of my next adventures). So, keep it up and stay dry. I understand that Irma may take a twist north once it hits. Cheers from Alberta. Michael.
  17. Thanks for the info. Mine is the 49D model, Estate Wagon. It seems that the wider trim did not come on my car but I have l/r as shown in the picture anyway. I think they dress up the car. Cheers. Michael.
  18. I am looking for the front l/r window reveal moldings for a 1958 Buick Estate Wagon. I have the rear ones (#4) but need the front ones (#2) and whatever the trim is that sits beneath the ventilator to the door.
  19. Yes, that is it. Where the ventilator on the door meets the body of the door ... there is a gap in mine which yours also seems to have. And yes, stick is on the ice this weekend! Edmonton will begin thawing Monday, we hope. On a side note, I did find the hard-board headliner and the ribbed material for the cargo area if you ever need those contacts. Cheers. Michael.
  20. I have gotten major info from your notes and pictures. My 58 Estate Wagon is getting closer. As there are several wagon-followers here I have a question. Do you have any pictures of the front doors/exterior? I am looking to find what the original reveal trim looks like as mine was missing. And what filled in the gap between the ventilator chrome and the door itself. I am thinking you have way better pictures than me.
  21. Yes, how did the project finish? Pictures? I'm thinking of doing this on my 58 Buick.
  22. Dear Jim: Thanks for the tip. I'll make sure I use Daytona Carpet. At some point, before it goes in to final paint, I think I'll have to invite a 58 wagon expert up just to check everything is authentic (except of course the disc brakes). Cheers. Michael.
  23. The dash is done, engine and tranny are in, headliner in, tailgate/liftgate completed, seats redone on my 58 Estate Wagon. My question is (as I have never actually seen a finished Buick wagon) do the seat supports sit on top of the carpet or does the carpet cover the supports up? Look forward to any thoughts.
  24. Dear Jim: No, I did not have to take the braces apart for chroming. The shop took care of all of that and they look just like I gave them to them, but with new chrome. Don't know how they did it, but they look great. How is your wagon coming along? I'm hoping to drop the motor back in tomorrow (with the help of one of my daughters, I hope; as long as she won't break a nail she says, sigh) but I still don't know what the torque specs are on the motor mounts. Thoughts? Cheers. Michael.
  25. Dear All: So, finally, the motor is going in this weekend. What is the torque for the mounts? I've gone through the manual a number of times and can't find it. Also, do the mounts go on the frame first, or on the motor first? Cheers from very cold Alberta. MH