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  1. Miracles still happen !!  Happy to report that I finally received my Issue of the RIView in today's mail !   Have got to love the U.S. Pony Express mail system and its carriers.   Only took 5 1/2 weeks to get mail delivered to the Midwest.

    I think they need to get either new fresh or more horses to do the job, as mine obviously tired out on the journey !  I My faith and sarcasm stems from the fact that during this time they also failed to get my medicare supplement check delivered

    on time, and it has now cost me an add'l $35 to issue a stop payment on that check, because the new bill arrived wanting this month and last month payment. 

  2. Happy to report I finally received my Issue of the ROA RIView in today's mail.    Got to love our Pony Express mail system and its carriers !  Only took 5 1/2 weeks to get the mail here to the Midwest !

  3. Was wondering who else has not yet received their May/June copy of the RIView ??   Went to the local post office today to inquire and was nonchalontly told "we deliver the mail when we receive it."   Was then told it was probably due to the Covid Virus because some stations are closed due to people calling in sick.    Was my issue put in quarantine ??  lol.   I have already been in contact with Ray and he told me the issue was mailed from the printer on April 23rd.   Find it hard to believe it takes over a month to get mail delivered unless they're still using the "Pony Express". And I believe even they were faster.  This has been happening more frequently than I like with delivery of the RIView and BCA Bugle. Just curious who else is still waiting.

  4. Was just wondering who else has not yet received their May/June Riview ?   Went to local P.O. today and was nonchalantly told they deliver the mail when they receive it. Had no reasons other than to blame things on the Covid Virus, claiming some stations are closed because of people calling in sick.  I have already spoken to Ray, and was told the issue was shipped from the printer April 23rd. This isn't the first time I have had problems with my local P.O. delivering the RIView  and BCA Bugle on time each month comes out.

  5. Time for my 2 cents

    While I'm not happy about the BCA dues increase, the $10 increase is what it is! Decreasing membership has been sighted as the primary reason for the increase. Unfortunately, it is a fact of life. Our Members and membership are aging, getting older and passing on to the BCA in the sky. Yet everyone is expecting things to remain the same as when we once proudly boasted over 10,000 members worldwide. It was a different time & era and we can never return there. We all joined the BCA for our own individual assorted reasons. I realize some mebers are on fixed income, have families, other priorities- whatever. YOU have to figure your own priorities.

    The cost of living is always on the increase- thank your government, Senators, Congress- whomever-- that always have their hands in your pockets finding ways to spend whatever little change you have left. We can't contol that or them--- yet-- maybe --- another issue/different place.

    Pete is doing an exceptional job as Editor of the Bugle and as it has already been voiced--- no one want to see the Bugle revert back to what it once was--- not that it was all that bad during those older times-- given the time-- we all thought that the Bugle was a good product-- its' just now, its an exceptionally good product. Thanks, Pete!!

    Kind of like remembering to judge the cars per the quality level standards in use durung the era they were built- but that is another subject and not related to this thread.

    We all get out of the BCA what we want from it! As Thriller already stated and I will pen in the ROA (Riviera Owners Association) philosophy--- "The first time you come out is for the cars, you come back for the friends & people after that."

    While some feel $50 dues is high-- and $50 is not chump change, how many of you don't think twice about dropping $5 for a cup of starbucks?? Dues was already at $40/year, so the actual increase was really only $10-- from $40 to $50. Now for some math--- 365 days in a year---- 10 divided by 365 =

    $.0273972/per day increase--- max of $.03/day. It is relatively easy to make some adjustments here. McDonald's, 7/11 etc., sell a cup of coffee for alot less than $5 a cup. So if you eliminate a cup or two of Starbucks, for Mickey D's or whatever, or eliminate 1or 2 cups entirely for a year-- the cost of dues increase is made up very easily. It doesn't matter what your beverage preference is, the math come out the same. Or instead, just purchase a regular size value meal without spending the extra $.40 to $.75 to upsize just a few times over the year--- savings for dues is easily recovered. And the decrease in the extra caffiene and calories you don't consume help to improve your health.

    That's the thing about and living in the "REAL" world--- one has to constantly adjust and make changes to afford the things one truely wants and desires in life. We all have to live somewhere--- some in Homes, Apartment, Condo's, whatever---- wherever we live there are continual changes-- home mortgage, property tax, rent, Condo association fees, these all increase from time to time -- with the times-- -yet we always find a way to adjust and make up the difference to make ends meet. Its' all a matter of priorities and what you find to be important in your life.

    Myself, I find it very important and beneficial to have friends who share common, similar interests in life to socialize with. Some of these friends we may only get to see once or twice a year-- but does that make them any less important of a friend??? I think not. I find it extremely enjoyable & rewarding upon seeing a friendly face or the warm handshake of a friend, wherever the occasion presents itself. This is especially true when one is in unfamiliar & strange surroundings-- (ie; most Nationals). Its relaxing to see a friendly familiar face to spend some time with.

    I'm not overly happy with the dues increase, but as stated earlier, "it is what is is". I will adjust and continue on with my BCA membership-- enjoying the friendships and commoraderie that my association with BCA have produced- and that I have benefitted from over the years. $10 is $10, but the friendships made within and because of the BCA are worth a he_ _ of a lot more to me than $10.

  6. Roberta,

    I've got you beat! May 15th I will have had my '75 LeSabre Convt for 34 years. It was my 1st new car. Never dreamed back then I would own any 1 car that long. Hard to believe its' been that long. Was given "THE" ultimateum by the "First" wife about 19 years ago--decisions, decisions,--took less than 1 minute-- 2nd best decision of my life--

    Time to return control of your set to you, the viewers.

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