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  1. And now the waiting game starts again for the July Bugle and the July/August RIView !!! Neither has arrived as of today !
  2. Yes. Thank You Bill for your dedication and all your hard work that you put into the BCA and your position. Get well soon, and Best wishes to a speedy recovery !!
  3. Miracles still happen !! Happy to report that I finally received my Issue of the RIView in today's mail ! Have got to love the U.S. Pony Express mail system and its carriers. Only took 5 1/2 weeks to get mail delivered to the Midwest. I think they need to get either new fresh or more horses to do the job, as mine obviously tired out on the journey ! I My faith and sarcasm stems from the fact that during this time they also failed to get my medicare supplement check delivered on time, and it has now cost me an add'l $35 to issue a stop payment on that check, because the new bill arrived wanting this month and last month payment.
  4. Happy to report I finally received my Issue of the ROA RIView in today's mail. Got to love our Pony Express mail system and its carriers ! Only took 5 1/2 weeks to get the mail here to the Midwest !
  5. Was wondering who else has not yet received their May/June copy of the RIView ?? Went to the local post office today to inquire and was nonchalontly told "we deliver the mail when we receive it." Was then told it was probably due to the Covid Virus because some stations are closed due to people calling in sick. Was my issue put in quarantine ?? lol. I have already been in contact with Ray and he told me the issue was mailed from the printer on April 23rd. Find it hard to believe it takes over a month to get mail delivered unless they're still using the "Pony Express". And I believe even they were faster. This has been happening more frequently than I like with delivery of the RIView and BCA Bugle. Just curious who else is still waiting.
  6. Was just wondering who else has not yet received their May/June Riview ? Went to local P.O. today and was nonchalantly told they deliver the mail when they receive it. Had no reasons other than to blame things on the Covid Virus, claiming some stations are closed because of people calling in sick. I have already spoken to Ray, and was told the issue was shipped from the printer April 23rd. This isn't the first time I have had problems with my local P.O. delivering the RIView and BCA Bugle on time each month comes out.
  7. Thanks Ed-- Have to check w/this yard to see if they still have car-- Hammond, iN isn't that far from me- 15-18 miles to State line.
  8. Wanted: Looking for chrome wheel trim open mldgs for last gen Riviera-- 95-98. Specifically in need of RT Rear Mldg. Misjudged backing into garage and crushed rear of mldg against shelving unit. Luckily no damage to 1/4. Prefer NOS, but will consider quality used/LKQ Mldg w/o any dings or pitting. Will consider other wheel position mldgs to have as spares, but mainly concerned with finding Rt Rear Mldg.
  9. In need of replacement chrome wheel open mldgs- for 95-99 last gen Riviera.. Specifically need R/R mldg-- Misjudged backing into garage & crushed rear of mldg. Lucky no damage to 1/4-- Prefer NOS but will consider Used/LKQ mldg in good condition with no dings or pitting. PM me if able to help. Would consider mldgs for other wheel positions to have as spare.
  10. Sunday, February 19th, 2017 Kane County Fairgrounds 525 Randall Rd. St Charles, IL. Open to the Public 8am to 2 pm public Donation -- $6 Paved Parking & Corral area heated indoor space- Paved outdoor swap spaces Food available Directions: On Randall Rd between RT 38 & RT 64 Off I-88, Exit 115 -No Orchard Rd-- 2.5 miles to Randall, then No. 6 miles to fairgrounds Host Hotel ; Fairfield Inn- St Charles-- 630- 845- 5500 Hosted by: Chicagoland Chapter BCA, Illinois Valley Olds Club, and Pontiac-Oakland Club of Illinois
  11. Bill -- Make sure you stop by the Chicagoland Chapter Booth in the main lobby so we can say Hi ! Several of the Chicagoland members will be in attendance helping work various security duties at the various entry/exit points that must be kept secured during the meet.
  12. Sunday, February 19th, 2017 Kane County Fairgrounds 525 S. Randall Rd. St. Charles, IL Open to the Public 8am to 2pm Public donation- $6. Food available Heated Indoor spaces, Paved outdoor swap space Paved Parking & Car Corral Directions: On Randall Rd between RT 38 & RT 64. Off I-88, Exit 115, No Orchard Rd. 2.5 miles to Randall, then No 6miles to Fairgrounds. Host Hotel : Fairfield Inn, St. Charles-- 630-845-5500 Sponsored by : Chicagoland Chapter, BCA, Illinois Valley Olds Club, and Pontic-Oakland Club of Illlinois
  13. Sunday, February 19th, 2017. Kane County Fairgrounds, 525 Randall Rd., St Charles, IL. Open to the Public- 8am to 2pm. Public Donation- $6. Heated Indoor spaces.- Food - Paved outdoor swap space Paved parking & Car Corral Directions: On Randall Rd between RT 38 & RT 64. Off I-88, Exit 115 No. orchard Rd. 2.5 miles to Randall then No 6 miles to Fairgrounds. Host Hotel : Fairfield Inn, St Charles-- 630845 5500 Sponsored by Chicagoland Chapter, BCA, Illinois Valley Olds Club, and Pontiac-Oakland Club of Illinois
  14. Paul- Thanks for coming down from the Far Northwestern surburbs of Chi-town. We were glad to have you and Donna in attendence. Hope you enjoyed yourselves. You guys are always welcome at any of the Chicagoland events. Sorry I didn't have much time to spend chatting with you guys, but when one runs the show & judging, ones plate is pretty much full for really getting out and enjoying the show & mingling. We had a beautiful day-- Couldn't have asked for a prettier Fall day for a car show. For the record we had 104 cars "officially" registered. I know off at least 5 more that never made it up to the registration table. This was our final Dealer Car Show for the season. This one is now our oldest & longest running Dealer Shows. This year marked our 15th year of doing shows with Marquardt Buick/GMC, and it looks good for the extended future as the dealer has comitted for next year. They really are a great bunch to work with, and supply all the food, drinks & awards. Makes my running of the show run just a tad bit easier. Was sorry to see you guys left before the awards were handed out, but I understand, with the drive back to the Far Northwestern suburbs., that it would be rather late when you got home. By the way, your travels were appreciated and I have a "Long Distance" award to get to you. Just an FYI for ya-- The red WILDCAT GS Convert formally belonged to our LATE longtime Chicagoland member Jim Schilf. The Yellow 'CAT GS belongs to Steve Ledger. The tourquise '65 Riv GS belongs to member Bill Grupp- received the Dealers Coice Award. Again, Thanks for coming down.
  15. @ Derek-- There's part of the problem-- 1) you is a Canuckistani. 2) and this is your biggest problem-- you don't plead the 5th-- YOU DRINK IT !!! I see we have more teaching to do in So Bend--Paul & I have our work cut out for us. A week just isn't enough time. You'll learn eventually--- LOL !!!
  16. Put me down for 1. Will be in S/b as a Bachelor- wife doesn't have enough vacation time left to make this one. Work has been so crazy- I think this might be only the second time I'm checking the forum this year. Looking forward to seeing the crew again. I'll have a week to relearn social graces and ettiquite again--- With this group-- am I in trouble or what ???!!! By the time I'm done with work each day-- the last thing I want to do is spend "MORE" time on a freakin computer !!! Now to figure which of the 4,000+ lb Mistress's will be makin' the trip w/me. Decisions, decisions, decisions.
  17. Oldsmobile also used a similar metaillic bue color in that era but it tends to shaded more to the "blue" side than w/any traces of tourquiose. But it is an altrnative source for color-- Just shade variance.This was more readily available over the counter at Mom-Pop type parts stores than at major chains like auto-zone, Murray's, etc--- it was listed as Olds- Buick blue
  18. Alan, I think I can speak from experience, as you well know, I had several issues in the beginning years when I joined BCA, as I had one of the first 75 leSabre convertibles regularly attending BCA Heartland Regionals, and several BCA Nationals---- I ALWAYS to be present with the car when judging was being done , because of the issue of "correct" engine color for this year. I am the original owner of my 75 convertible, having purchashed it new May of 75, with 6.2 miles on the odometer. The "correct" color is a metallic Blue- Tourquoise--- I fought for several years getting this recognized as correct-- finally gaining approval under Rick Schicks' Tenure as "Chief Judge". I worked for several Buick dealers in the Service Dept as Service Advisor, and moving up to Ass't Mgr status a short time later--- I am "very" familiar with this color--- 74 was the last year Buick painted the engines Red-- for 75 they changed to the blue-tourquoise color and carried this color into & thru the 77 model year. In 78 they changed to the light pastel powder (robins egg) blue and carried this color into & thru the 82 model year. 83 saw GM change across ALL divisions to basic Black-- This coming after the Chevy-Olds engine debacle of the late 70's-- people finding Chevy motors in their Oldsmobiles, because Olds had some issues & problems and could not meet some emissions demand and therefore leading to a shortage of Olds mtrs. Also remember, GM/Buick bought back the rights & patents for the 231 V-6 from Jeep---- Jeep belonging to AMC- at the time used AMC corporate paint color on the engines which was a metellic Blue- tourquise color. Buick brought back the little V-6 mtr in the smaller Century/Special/Regal and Skyhawk line for 75 as a quick fix to develop better gas mileage cars in the Buick line-up as this was right after the first Arab oil- embargo gas crisis that started in 73. I believe that when Buick bought back the rights to the V-6 they aquirred all the remaining or bulk color engine paint AMC had so they could quickly get the V-6 mtr okayed by the government for use in the upcoming 75 model year and just chose to use the AMC color for the engine line at that time as they had all this bulk engine paint to use up. I worked for the local AMC dealer right after graduating high school- worked their for a couple of years, before changing jobs-- AMC engine color was the metllic Blue-Tourquiose from at least 68 & up-- If you can't fnd the color thru Buick sources --- I would think and suggest using the color from AMC-- if it doesn't match dead on the shade of color s/b close enough to matching the rest of the engine color on your engine--- The color on your engine may be slightlty darker by a shade or so due to the color Heating & curing over time. I also owned 2 - 76 Century "Special" models from 77 thru 84- and the engine color was metallic blue- Tourquoise--- I blew up the mtr in one of the 76's and had to scour Bone-yards for a replacement- Had a harder time here as 76-77 mtrs differed in design when a mid year change to the firing order was done-- odd- fire to even-fire--- but, this a another discussion altogether--- but even the newer even -fire mtrs were painted metallic blue- tourquoise. We replaced several 75-77 mtrs w/lkq salvage during my first tenure working in the Buick service dept, due to people locking them up during cold starts in the Chicago area sub-zero winters.-- Gas flooding the oil pans. At that time our parts dept had possession of & regularly stocked the engine color in aeresol cans-- for both "blues", however like everything else we deal with in our hobby, I no longer know where this can be obtained right over the counter--- My good friend that still works in the Buick parts dept was unable to locate a source for me several years ago, when my aeresol supply for touch up began to dwindle.. I have seen the AMC color listed as available in Eastwood catalogs a couple of years ago. Hope this helps.
  19. Try Rock Auto----- RockAuto Auto Parts, or a nearby NAPA dealer. Both are good sources for older parts for our older Buicks.
  20. just want to bring back toward top for last days
  21. Count me in-- Looks like I'm the first to respond.
  22. The Chicagoland Chapter BCA will be hosting our Annual All Buick Spring Dust-Off Car Show, Saturday, May 12th at Castle Buick-GMC, 7400 W Cermak Rd. North Riverside, IL 60546 (roughly 22nd & Harlem Ave) from 10 am 'til 2 pm. We have also invited the local Pontiac & Oldsmobile clubs to attend and participate in this years show. There will be dash plaques for the first 50 registered arrivals. In addition there will be 6 awards for each marque. Registration is free, and lunch will be provided to all registered participants by our Gracious Host- Castle Buick-GMC, along with coffee & rolls in the morning for the early birds. The show will be held Rain or Shine- hopefully the latter will prevail all day. Plan on joining us for the day enjoying the company of fellow Buick Olds & Pontiac enthusiats. I can be reached via PM for add'l info.
  23. The Chicagoland Chapter is once again hosting our Annual All Buick car Show Saturday - May 12th at Castle Buick- GMC, 7400 W Cermak Rd, North Riverside, IL. 60546-- (Roughly 22nd & Harlem Ave) from 10 am until 2 pm. We have also invited the local Pontiac & Oldmobile clubs to attend & participate in this years show. There will be dash plaques for the first 50 registered arrivals. In addition there will also be 6 awards for each of the Marques. Registration is free and lunch will be provided to the registered participants by our Gracious host- Castle Buick- GMC, along with coffee & donuts in the morniing. The show will be held Rain or Shine- Hopefully the latter will be present all day. Plan on joining us for the day, enjoying the company of fellow Buick, Olds & Pontiac enthusiasts. You can contact me via pm for add'l info.