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  1. It's a 4 cylinder. Wheel base is about 109". I believe it to be a model 36.
  2. Thanks. It sounds like I should just stick with the front fenders I have. What can you tell me about the rear fenders and the running boards/side filler panels?
  3. Anybody know if fenders from a '22 coupe will fit a '23 coupe? How about the running boards?
  4. Thanks to all for your input. I'm going ahead with the street rod project, probably a nailhead powered, full fendered roadster. Also thanks for the info on Russ Martin. I like what he did with his car.
  5. I recently acquired what I'm told is a '23 Buick 36 Coupe, with the intention of making a street rod out of it. The body is pretty much complete, except for a the trunk lid and top, and the panels are relatively straight. The bottom of the radiator and the pieces that cover the frame rails and tie into the running boards are pretty rusty, but the rest is pretty solid. All of the wood is rotted out, so there's really not much holding the panels together. The drive train appears to be complete with the exception of a carb. My thought was that this would be a good subject for a street rod bui
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