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  1. OK. Fuse #20 is good. With the a/c on, both fans don't run all the time, but will run intermittently. I swapped the G relay with other relays with no change. If the relay is bad, would they run at all? Thoughts?
  2. My 89 Reatta runs hot when in traffic and during hot weather. The gauge will run up to 230. The fans don't seem to turn on until 224. Once the fans are on the temp will drop back to 200. There is no problem in cool weather and runs about 185. No codes show for any malfunctions. I've had it to my mechanic and he says he can't find anything wrong. I'm very wary about driving the car and don't want to cause any engine damage. Where can I direct my mechanic to look to solve the problem?
  3. I have to replace the parking brake pedal mechanism in my 89 Reatta. The tech tried some parts yards asking for the 89 Reatta and was laughed at. Are these Reatta specific or will a Riviera interchange?
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