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  1. Bob, I took a couple of measurements this morning which should give you an indication of the size of this axle. Centre of king pin to centre of king pin = 52.5 inches. Centre of spring to centre of spring = 28.5 inches. Springs are 2 inches wide. Cheers John
  2. That makes perfect sense to me. Much of the roofing on houses here in Queensland is corrugated iron. Cheers John
  3. Thankyou for all the interest and help. I was sure that someone on the forum would recognize that U/bolt setup. The axle is a little bit heavier than the Model t axle and would be a good match up for the Studebaker light 6. I purchased a Kissel some years ago in New Zealand and this axle was part of that deal. I always wondered what make and model the axle was originally attached to. I really enjoyed the upside down photos from Oldford. Thanks again Cheers John
  4. The numbers/letters for the Left side hub are : LS HC4 30444 Do the #4 1/2 hubs take the same #4 buffalo jelly mould wheel ? Cheers John
  5. Merry Christmas all, I purchased this front axle a few years ago to get the Buffalo wire wheel hubs which I needed for another project. The axle looks like it dates from the late teens through to the early 1920s. (no front brakes) The thing that makes this axle a little different from most axles of this era is the single U Bolt on each side that goes though the centre of the axle. Spring leaves are 2 inches wide. Does anyone have any ideas on make and model ? Thanks in advance Cheers John Lewis
  6. I am still on my quest to find a water pump and generator bracket for my Kissel. Want to Buy - 1925-1928 Kissel model 6-55 Water Pump and Generator bracket.The Kissel Model 6-55 was the last of the Kissel built engines and is very different to the Lycoming based engines used in some of the Kissel models. Both the Water Pump and the Generator bolt to the right side of the engine block as viewed from the driver’s seat and are driven from the timing case. The order is from the timing case – Water pump, Generator and then the Distributor driven from the back of the Generator through a worm drive. I have attached a couple of photos to help with identification. Any help or leads would be greatly appreciated. Cheers John Quote Edit
  7. I am still on my quest to find a water pump and generator bracket for my Kissel. Want to Buy - 1925-1928 Kissel model 6-55 Water Pump and Generator bracket.The Kissel Model 6-55 was the last of the Kissel built engines and is very different to the Lycoming bases engines used in some of the Kissel models.<o:p></o Both the Water Pump and the Generator bolt to the right side of the engine block as viewed from the driver’s seat and are driven from the timing case. The order is from the timing case – Water pump, Generator and then the Distributor driven from the back of the Generator through a worm drive.<o:p></o I have attached a couple of photos to help with identification.<o:p></o Any help or leads would be greatly appreciated.<o:p></o Cheers<o:p></o John >
  8. Thank you the information on the mascot. It is another interesting one for my collection. Cheers John
  9. <o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> I was given this brass mascot recently and maybe someone from the forum can identify it for me.<o:p></o:p> The bulls head is heavy and I believe made of chrome plated brass. The horns are made of what looks like an early plastic. The horns are held in place by a pin or grub screw and I believe they can be adjusted to different positions. It has two large mounting screws on the bottom of the mascot.<o:p></o:p> My guess is that it is an accessory and not from a specific car. <o:p></o:p> It is about six and a quarter inches Long, one and three quarters of an inch at its widest wide and the plastic horns tip to tip measure six inches. <o:p></o:p> Cheers<o:p></o:p> John<o:p></o:p>
  10. Ron, Congratulations on a super find. The car looks to be in very original condition and almost too good to restore. All Kissel speedsters were deluxe models up until 1925 when the Standard speedster was offered as an option in both 6 and 8 Cylinder models. The B5 Buffalo wheels on the front of this speedster were used by Kissel on some of their 1927 Deluxe models cars with Timkin axles. The Buffalo wheels used from 1923 through 1926 were what I call the Jelly mould style and these were introduced with the new 1923 Model 6-55. The 1923 Model 6-45 models continued to use the HOUK style wheels until the end of production. In 1928 Kissel changed from Buffalo to Dayton wire wheels which continued through to the end of production in 1931. I look forward to reading the progress reports on the restoration. Cheers John L
  11. Perry,<o:p></o:p> Mr. Ron Hausmann is the man to whom you refer. I know Ron well through the Kissel Kar club. <o:p></o:p> My name is John Lewis and I live in Queensland, Australia. I have been addicted to Kissel cars for many years and over time have been fortunate enough to become a Kissel owner.<o:p></o:p> Kissels were sold in Australia between 1924 and 1928. My research confirms that eight vehicles were imported into Rockhampton, Queensland ,(including two truck/Bus chassis) and four cars through agents in Sydney , New South Wales. These vehicles included three Speedsters, 1924 6-55, 1927 6-55 standard and 1928 6-55 deluxe. To my knowledge the 1928 speedster is the only Kissel model 6-55 vehicle known to survive from that year. All kissel cars imported into Australia during the 1920s were factory RHD and I believe them to be unique among surviving Kissels from the 1920’s.<o:p></o:p> Today there are six Kissel cars known to survive in Australia (in varying states of repair). Two of theses cars are recent imports and both LHD. <o:p></o:p> Some of the other Kissels imported into Australia during the 1920’s included a 1926 6-55 AYRC Coupe, 1927 6-55 Deluxe sedan, 1928 6-70 touring car, and 1928 6-70 sedan. (All these cars came in through Rockhampton.)<o:p></o:p> Cheers<o:p></o:p> John<o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p>
  12. <o:p></o> <o:p></o> Want to Buy - 1925-1928 Kissel model 6-55 Water Pump and Generator bracket.The Kissel Model 6-55 was the last of the Kissel built engines and is very different to the Lycoming bases engines used in some of the Kissel models.<o:p></o> Both the Water Pump and the Generator bolt to the right side of the engine block as viewed from the driver’s seat and are driven from the timing case. The order is from the timing case – Water pump, Generator and then the Distributor driven from the back of the Generator through a worm drive.<o:p></o> I have attached a couple of photos to help with identification.<o:p></o> Any help or leads would be greatly appreciated.<o:p></o> Cheers<o:p></o> John > <o:p></o> <o:p></o>
  13. Holden did not produce its first car until the late forties. Up until that time Holden was a body builder. Australia had high tariffs in complete cars being imported into the country and even higher tariffs on cars which were not British Empire products. These tariffs supported a thriving body building industry. As a Dominion, Australia supported British Empire products and this was why most of the Fords cars coming into Australia at this time were Canadian built.<o:p></o:p> Cheers<o:p></o:p> John<o:p></o:p>
  14. Thankyou for the very quick responses. I will pass it on to a friend who has a Model T. Cheers John
  15. Another mystery item to identify.<o:p></o> Can anyone help me identify this Ford car this radiator cap?<o:p></o> It came in its original box and looks to be NOS. I have opened out the box to scan the details which read. (See below).<o:p></o> Even though the box says Rubber, the cap is more like hard plastic or Bakelite. The threads measure approx. 2 inches OD and the whole cap is about 2 and a half inches point to point. The picture on the box shows the cap with a E.E. & Co. marking however this is not on the actual cap.<o:p></o> I have included a few photos and the scan of the box.<o:p></o> Thanks in advance.<o:p></o> Cheers<o:p></o> John.<o:p></o> <o:p></o> <v:shapetype id="_x0000_t202" path="m,l,21600r21600,l21600,xe" o:spt="202" coordsize="21600,21600"> <v:stroke joinstyle="miter"> <v:path o:connecttype="rect" gradientshapeok="t"> </vath></v:stroke></v:shapetype><v:shape id="Text_x0020_Box_x0020_2" style="width: 229.1pt; height: 129.75pt; margin-top: 0px; margin-left: 0px; visibility: visible; position: absolute; z-index: 251659264; mso-wrap-style: square; mso-width-percent: 400; mso-height-percent: 0; mso-wrap-distance-left: 9pt; mso-wrap-distance-top: 0; mso-wrap-distance-right: 9pt; mso-wrap-distance-bottom: 0; mso-position-horizontal: center; mso-position-horizontal-relative: text; mso-position-vertical: absolute; mso-position-vertical-relative: text; mso-width-relative: margin; 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  16. Bob,<o:p></o:p> I am not sure what has gone wrong in your Auburn gearbox however it is quite a simple task to check. If you disconnect the handbrake mechanism you can remove the top of the gearbox. It is a relatively large opening and if you drain the oil out, you should be able see any damage.<o:p></o:p> These gearboxes were used on a variety of different makes of car as proprietary items and in some cases on different models of the same make, as is the case with Auburn. These gear sets may have a slightly different ratio but will fit into your gearbox case as a set. The only parts that might be different would be the input shaft /clutch spline and the small worm gear for the speedo drive. Many of the different cars that ran this gearbox had different clutch mechanisms / spline size and throw out bearing . <o:p></o:p> These gear sets are hard to find in good condition and in my experience the input shaft is one item that needs to be in reasonable condition. A worn gear on the end of this shaft will often cause it to drop out of gear under load. cheers John
  17. These parts are for a 1925/26 Overland Model 93. The model 91 is a four cylinder. Cheers John
  18. I could make out some of the stamped numbers on the top of the housing I am fairly sure I can see a 2 and a 7 stamed there. There should be the same numbers stamped into the outside edge of the pumpkin flange. They should be beside the numbers on the housing. The stamped numbers are the dating numbers. These Diffs were used in a variety of cars from about 1926. (some with different brakes) My 1928 Kissel Model 6-55 Speedster is stamped 12 27 manufacture date. This is the month and year of manufacture only. The axle would have been assembled into the car early in 1928. If those stamped numbers on the housing are a 2 and a 7 then the axles in the photos are fron a 1927 Kissel model 6-55 or model 8-65. The cushioned in rubber spring shackles were introduced mid 1926 and the external contracting hydralic brakes finished in 1928 I hope this is of some help Cheers John.
  19. Kissel introduced the Columbia axle in the 6-55 and 8-65 models in early 1927. The Model 8-75 continued to use the Timkin axles. Kissel continued to use these axles in the 1928 6-55, 1928 8-80 and 1929-31 8-95 models, however there was some difference in the brakes in the 1929 -31 models. If you look at the diff centre from the front at about 2 o'clock on the outside edge of the flange that bolts to the diff housing there should be a series of numbers indicating the month and year of manufacture. I have three Kissel cars with columbia axles and all have these numbers. If you post a couple of pictures I should be able to Identify the axles for you. Cheers John.
  20. In recent months I have put several requests for help with information and parts on the Forum. It occurred to me that some of the readers of the forum might be interested in seeing the project I am putting together. I have included a photo taken in Sydney, Australia in the early 1960s. The man in the photo was the owner of this 1928 Kissel Model 6-55 Speedster (Gold Bug) from 1931 through to his passing not long after this photo was taken. The Kissel was purchased from the estate by a family friend and I purchased it from this gentleman five years ago. Unfortunately it was not in the condition you see in the 1960s photo. This car is the only known 1928 Kissel Model 6-55 to survive. For those of you who know Kissels, you will notice the non- original front bumper. This car is one of five factory RHD cars known to exist. All five of these cars were originally sold in Australia. Three of the five RHD vehicles are speedsters. (1924 Deluxe 6-55, 1927 Standard 6-55 and this 1928 Deluxe 6-55). Cheers<o:p></o John
  21. PS.I can post more photos if needed. cheers John.
  22. Here are a couple of photos of the water pump and generator mounting bracket I am trying to find for my car. Cheers John
  23. I would very surprised if there were lots of people looking for this water pump. Kissel built Model 6-55 engines made between 1925 and 1928 had a bolt on water pump attached to the side of the engine block. This engine was used in passenger and commercial vehicles. There is only a handful of these cars that survive. I will try and post a photo of the pump and generator tonight. Cheers John.
  24. I am looking to buy a 1926/1927 Kissel Model 6-55 water pump and the bracket that holds the generator. Both the water pump and the generator bracket bolt to the side of the engine block and are driven from the timing case. Thanks in advance. Cheers John.
  25. Terry, Thankyou for your help. Cheers John
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