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  1. Hey there... Thanks... But bummer you didn't get it... The guy who won it came up from MD and got it Sat morning. He loves the car and is excited to get it on the road... It definitely went to a good home... Thanks again!
  2. Sorry Guys... Car is gone... Sold on Ebay for $5550. Thanks to all who bid on it... See ya! Tom
  3. Hey there... That will work... I would really like to see you get it now... You are not that far from my inlaws, maybe I could get visitation rights... ;-) Good luck bidding...
  4. Only 22 hours left on Ebay... Bump to the top... Good luck to any bidders out there... Thanks for looking!
  5. Hey Kevin... As someone else asked, I do have the owners manual, with a date handwritten on the cover. (cant remember what it is exactly) but it is probably the date the car was delivered. It is as new as the day it was printed. As far as driving it. There is an oil drip from around the filter. I am not sure if I would try and drive it that far either on the belts / hoses, as they have probably never been replaced as well, I know I had the car for the last 18 years, so they are at least that old. I can get a flat tilt trailer and I have a 2500HD Diesel that would pull it likes its not even there... If I bring it to you, Thats how its coming... Thanks for the questions... Times running out... Good Luck!
  6. Oh... It is about 1/2 hours. All back roads... I never knew there was a dayton pa...
  7. Dayton Ohio is alot further from me that Youngstown. Dayton is almost 5 hours from me. What would you do, bring a trailer as well? It would probably be easier if one of us just made the trip straight through. Let me know what you want to do if you do get it. That kind of stuff is just stuff you never think of keeping. I am not even sure I have ever even seen a picture of that car, funny as it is, now that you mention it.
  8. I am sure I can... Not sure what you are looking for, but give me some ideas...
  9. my reserve is actually pretty low... it is at 4500, I just dont want to loose her for any less even at that price, I feel she is worth more...
  10. Hey Nice car... Thanks for the info... Hopefully enough people on ebay will see it and the right person will find it... Thanks again!
  11. I had to put a price in here for them... Thats why it says reasonable offer... Make me one, and see where ti goes from there... I didn't want to put a lower price cause I am not sure what it is worth to someone...
  12. I would cancel the auction for $10,000 or any other reasonable offer... Thanks!
  13. I go out there alot, My inlaws actually live in Hubbard. From Youngstown to Cresson is almost 3 hours. It takes me 2 hours 20 minutes to get to hubbard... So whatever it takes you to get to hubbard, add that to it. Thanks! Sorry I must have opened this before you typed that question last night, I did not see it there before I poasted my other one...
  14. The car is now on EBAY Wildcat On EBAY I can and will cancel the auction for a 'satisfying' offer.
  15. Hey Gecco... I just listed it on EBAY. I wasn't getting much response from here so I put it out there. There are more pictures there... I can and will cancel the auction for an offer I deem 'satisfying' for the car. Wildcat on EBAY If you need any other questions answered, please contact me. Thanks! Tom
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