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  1. Thanks for the replies. I received my Senior Grand National at New Bern. If the 2012 Grand National is anywhere close to North Carolina, I want to attempt a repeat Grand National. If not, I'm going to get my Mustang out of the garage and drive it and no longer worry about every nick and scratch. Larry
  2. What is the location of the 2012 Annual Grand National?
  3. I stand corrected. Just received my registration packet for the Hornet's Nest Region Meet and the show field will not be in the Red Field as I had been told. The show field is in first parking lot on the left as you enter the rear area of the speedway.
  4. I had hoped that the AACA show would be inside the speedway along pit road. I attended a Hornet's Nest Region meet there last year and we parked on pit road. Not sure what condition the Red Field is going to be in. Best I remember it was gravel and dirt.
  5. Used to hot rod Volkswagens in my younger days. Sent several VW blocks to the scrap yard after to many high rpms. I believe the 69 had a dual port engine. If so, need to check the rubber boots on the intake manifold where they attach to the cylinder head manifolds. They crack with age and the clamps become loose. Creates a very lean mixture. I've seen mufflers turn cherry red as a result of a leaking intake manifold. Also suggest a compression test. The popping could be the result of a burned valve. The cylinder head stud bolt nuts also loosen with time creating a compression leak between the piston jug and cylinder head and makes a popping sound when running. This will show up during the compression test. It will also severally damage the jug and cylinder head. Hopefully a simple tune up, carb rebuild, and valve adjust will solve your problem.
  6. Asheville was my first AACA National Meet. Met lot's of very nice, friendly people and saw some excellent cars. Just want to thank the people that responded to my questions over the past month about AACA requirements. I could not stay Saturday night for the awards due to having to work Sunday. I was really shocked when Bill Wright called me Sunday to come over to his house to pick up my 1st place trophy. Still in awe that I won. Out of all the local car shows I've placed in, this meet was the most important. The Great Smokey Mountain Region did an excellent job . Thanks again everyone Larry Pugh
  7. Has anyone determined a method of restoring the factory number "ink stamps" found on some carburetors?
  8. LPugh

    Show procedures

    I've read through the judges manual and did not see anything written as to how a vehicle is to be displayed on the show field. Are the windows up or down and the hood and trunk open or closed?
  9. What is the point deduction for having cadium finish instead of phosphate bolts under the hood of a 67 Mustang?
  10. LPugh

    Judging guidelines

    I'm new to AACA. I hope to enter my car for the first time in Asheville. How does a judge know what is correct for a car? Does AACA have manuals that have the specs and options for all cars as they left the factory or is this based upon the knowledge of the judge? In the case of my 67 Mustang, how does a judge know what tire is correct for the car and what was an option?
  11. LPugh

    Wide oval tires

    I have a 67 Mustang that had F70-14 Firestone Super Sports Wide Ovals with whitewalls from the factory. These tires are reproduced by Coker Tire in a whitewall, redline, and white letter. Would any of these tires be acceptable in judging for First Junior or would the whitewall be required?