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  1. so car now starts on the Button with new batteries and a rewire and it charges so thats good, drove it out of the garage and the brakes are useless is there a special way to set them up? i have put new linings on so that does not help maybe they where not good from new!!
  2. when i found the original front mat in my Maxwell i thought i would try and get some copies made but i could not find anyone that could make it, so i found a firm in Plymouth UK that was able to do a computer drawing of it and print it onto some 3 mm vinyl its never going to be the same but better than wood flooring, i will have to age it a bit, if you can zoom in you can see the patterns, i will have to age them and bend the front one
  3. i have finally sorted out the wiring on my car, i had to put 2 cutouts in the system as it has 2 circuits, i had to use 3 wiring diagrams and the patent papers for the original switch as my car is not supposed to have a starter and lights has anyone a picture of the Dry Cells thanks
  4. i have a genuine 1914 car it has the ignition/transformer coil on it , i know this is going back a bit but do you want a decent picture if i can get it off? pete
  5. i have a list of serial numbers from 1914 to 1926 not sure where i found it do you want a copy put on here pete
  6. And A stands for? ammeter i should know that, any way took all the wires off and started again its all working the starter push was seized but i have freed it and it turns the engine ok, and i have all the lights etc working i need to run it and see if its charging and work out if that round thing under the seat is a regulator
  7. i think the whole car is genuine, they just cut the wires and disconnected the starter and used one six volt battery and a switch for the coil and used the handle i am going to disconnect every thing and just work out how the starter works then connect it so it will start and work the lights etc. i know now that i do not need a lot of the original wires i have done this in the past best to start again and fix what is needed pete
  8. i have just printed out all of the info on that link, loads of spelling mistakes but i think i can work it out pete
  9. at least you are honest and telling it like it is, i will have to sit down by the car and work it out, i still have all of the cables and most of the bits associated with the mag on the car so maybe i can trace it all back thanks for you help if i get it to work i will let you know pete
  10. from the link you sent what are A and P as i said the cables on my car are connected differently to the diagrams Thanks Pete
  11. yes and no the wires on these pictures are not the same position as mine but i will ut able to sort it out with luck thank you
  12. any body got an exploded view of this starter switch i cannot get any power through it Thanks pete
  13. yep that is great thanks, i do not have a magneto so its not needed pete
  14. A stupid question what does the transformer coil do? i am trying to rewire my Maxwell and i have cut of wires all over the place, on my car the wire goes from the starter switch to the coil then to the mag but mine has the wire going to the fuse board area but is cut of HELP PLEASE
  15. i have the original front mat for my car in bad condition i have found a firm that can print me a copy onto vinyl, but i have a problem with what is supposed to be where the heel of the foot sits on it has anybody a picture of what should be there Thanks ps my diff is re fitted and the reconditioned front prop joint is all in soon be ready for a test
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