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  1. She's a parts car now! See thread: http://forums.aaca.org/showflat.php?Cat=...ge=0#Post389739 Thanks for the replies!
  2. That transmission and engine combo is not specific to the TC, the 3.0 engine w/604 trans was available in just about every vehicle Chrysler built during that period. Especially the Mini-vans and Dynasty/New Yorkers of that era. Lots of updates since that was built and they can be made to pretty reliable these days. If he has to overhaul the trans make sure and advise him to use the newer ATF4 fluid in it and put an inline (cooler line) filter on it.
  3. Oops! My mistake - Its a 1990, not a 1991....
  4. OK since I had no serious takers on the whole car I've decided its time to start parting it out. *see here for better discription: http://forums.aaca.org/showflat.php?Cat=...e=0#Post385694) as well I've attached one pic. This TC is a 1990, it's triple black, 3.0 V6 w/a 604 trans and at this time its pretty much complete! The hard top will be sold as a complete assembly only! As for the right headlamp it does have a small "BB" hole in it but better than one's that cracked. The convertible top will be sold as a complete unit as well. Send me an e-mail (gsburks@comcast.net) with your wishes, wants and needs. I can e-mail pics and prices back. First come first serve. I will post whats sold as it goes. I have a pay-pal account and shipping will be available. Thanks for looking!
  5. I believe there's a guy advertising such a device in the TC of America newsletter.
  6. OK, before I start to part'er out anyone wanna make me a reasonable offer on this whole car? Thanks for looking!
  7. Jeff, the link wont work.......
  8. The odometer shows 152,000 miles and does work so I'm pretty sure the miles are right. I bought it from the second owner who purchased it in 1998 with 82,000 miles on it. It has been sitting unplated for the past several years. The reason it was parked was because it needs the ABS HCU replaced and at the time they were like $1,600.00 from Chrysler. I see you can now get these thru independent rebuilders for around $500.00. In the mean time while its been sitting the rotors/pads/calipers have rusted. The engine does not smoke, it had the heads and timing belt replaces at a Chysler dealer at 75,000 miles. It has the highly sought after walnut shift knob/button! All four windows work! The pull down motor and latch work too! Thanks again for looking!
  9. 1990 TC - Triple Black, 3.0 engine w/152,000 miles on it. Complete car except for the following: No tool kit, No umbrella, No right front marker lens. What wrong with it: Needs brakes; ABS/Brake lights on, low pedal, rusty calipers/rotors/pads, Passenger headlamp has small "BB" hole in it. The portholes in the hard top are clear but do have some small bubbles around the outside edges. The windshield I believe is a "LeBaron", The body has rust on most of the lower body panels and front of the hood. I'm a TC fan but this is not the one I want right now. I'm not looking to get rich off of the sale of this car. I bought this car because the price was right and thought it would help build the bank account toward the one I'm after. After getting a good look at it decided it might be one that someone could make into a decent daily driver or an excellent parts car if restoring one. It starts, runs and drives great but the brakes only work marginally and need some work. My current "asking price" is $2,000.00. Figure that's what it would cost for a couple of headlamps, both tops in great shape and both seats. BTW - Both seats are some of the best looking black one's I've seen short of "restored" ones, and they both (power) work! The wheels are in great shape, have all four center caps and it has what looks like new tires on them! Before I decide to dismantle and sell it piece by piece I thought I'd offer it up here as a whole car at what I think is a very reasonable price. Thanks for looking!
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