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  1. Add two more axles at the rear end and then another 8 feet of overhang!! LOL
  2. Agreed. Lap belts would at least keep your head from going through the windshield (and as stated will keep you in the car where you are safer than outside the car). I've had problems finding the right size belts for my shoulder harness and have thus removed them and only use lap belts in my 70s Lincolns (shoulder belt is not adjustable). I will probably check with one of the links provided in this thread to see if someone will custom make the lengths I need for a reasonable price. To date, I had only found places willing to make what I need in batches of 100 and I only need 2.
  3. I'm in the same boat worried about what new fuel mixtures do to older cars. I know my Dodge doesn't perform like it did in the 60s. Adding lead substitute seems to help some. One of my 70s Lincolns had the hoses completely fall apart going to and from the fuel pump shortly after the last fuel mixture change. That may have been partly because the hoses were the wrong type for fuel but the new mixture accelerated the failure causing me to wonder what else might get accelerated toward failure. So far, no problem with the Dodge because I filled it before May 1 and haven't gotten gas in it sin
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