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  1. That would indeed be an interesting picture. I wonder if there is still good access to the distributor. My compressor is mounted on the drivers side on a home fabricated mounting plate. I made head bolts with a 3/8-24 stud on top and then heat treated. The mount fits on these and also has a brace from the underside down to a factory drilled and tapped hole in the side of the block. The mount plate holes are slotted one direction and the angle iron compressor brackets are slotted 90 degrees to these so belt alignment can be dialed in. Absolutely no problems from this set up but if you look at t
  2. My engine is a 263 but the drive should be adaptable to other sizes. I have an a/c unit in my 37 Special (a necessity in Texas) and have not found any double crankshaft pulleys. The singe V belt really doesn't have enough wrap around the water pump pulley and could use more on the generator. I'm not into selling parts but if there is any interest I will take pictures. As it is now the single V belt will go through several vibration ranges and one is at 65-70 which is my cruising speed. The serpentine belt can have idlers and tensioners on either the front or back side of the belt so maybe this
  3. I have a standard flywheel and clutch assembly that was on the 1952 263 that is in my 37 40 Series which I have no use for. Made a long distance runner out of the 37 by going to a Turbo 350 (Bengsten adapter) and a 2.73 rear end. Plan on a lap of the US this summer and have no doubts that the 263 is up to the trip. Got her up to <> 17mpg and gas is down so this is the year, health providing.
  4. I have both the Buick and Olds 215 engines. The Olds is the turbo charged Jet Fire version and was a bit problematic on head sealing. I learned that champhering the head bolt holes and replacing the bolts with studs solved the problem and eliminated any thread wear to the deck threads. Get some anti sieze and use it on every thread that involves a steel bolt going into aluminum.
  5. Did the machine shop use a pan target to set the oil squirt tubes? If set with the target tool the oil will hit directly in the middle of the dippers. Chevy's of the 40's rent them or I will let you use mine. If I recall the 34 engine was a 207(?) and my target is for a 216. Someone at the VCCA would know if the tool works on both engines.
  6. Pat, I'm kicking myself for not looking at this site before today. I have all the wood (good) for a 34 Master 5W coupe that I replaced with metal about 4 or 5 years ago. You would have been welcome to it but the work you have done is very good indeed. I am street rodding mine but always like to save good original parts for the resto guys. If any of your parts cars or your car has a good ID plate on the firewall I would be glad to pay you for a picture of the plate---you could tape over the numbers for ease of mind. I have my plate but the sandblaster obliterated all but the stamped in numbers.
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