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  1. i am looking for owners of other waverleys or electrics of the period. i need mechanical and other information for my 1913 waverley. i am in need of the solid rubber tires (motz?) or possibly the pnumatic ones that were available. if there is an owners club or any other group that might help i would appreciate it. b
  2. Peter, I have a hybrid that i built. it is based on aircraft starter gens , a vw transaxle and a 16 hp gas engine. it works sweet and is a lot of fun. i am still working on the body and ergonomics but should be pushing it on the road soon. if anyone is interested i could share specifics. i am using a Kaylor transaxle adaptor probably the only one on the road still. berry
  3. i have an original condition 1913 Waverley that has been in my family since the sixties. it was operable when parked. i hav e recently moved it into a new location, and am looking at it really for the first time. it needs to be seriously cleaned as it has never been cleaned since i can remember. their is some surface rust everywhere and the lights have a patina only time can create. i am in a holding pattern. i started to clean some surfaces and like the way it looks but i am afraid i will damage something by ;polish or wash. the interior has some tears on one bucket and some tears, wear, on the drivers part of the bench. other than that the headliner is perfect ,read filthy perfect, and the rest is all there. how do i clean this without ruining it ? i havent got my pictures together yet to send , but will soon. i need some good advice on storage in a hot place and all the other adverse things i am worried about now. thanks for any help you may have. i also would appreciate any model, make information about Waverley information you might be able to share. thanks, Berry
  4. John, as soon as i can i will try to post some pictures of the car. hopefully in the next few days. the car is on hold till i get some more feedback. berry
  5. amphicar, thanks for the response. the "sympathetic restoration" is probably the best solution. i havent seen a amphicar since the sixties. is it a good boat ? they always looked like a lot of fun. thanks.
  6. Hi all. i am a new member with a need for some advice. recently i brought home a 1913 waverley electric. this car has been in my family for 45 years mostly just sitting in storage. since i brought it home i have become worried. the car is in original condition. it has not been taken care of at all. there is a patina on the whole car, some rust ,some dirt no polish to anything. i washed the hood and a fender ,removed the surface rust and there is some remains of black underneath. i polishe a small spot an a lamp and it came up copper{brass?} colored. i stopped there. maybe i shouldnt polish it up. maybe i am going about this wrong. the interior is good considering the age. the headliner is perfect, dirty dirty but perfect. so much dirt but very good condition do i clean it without ruining it?. i have moved the car from a cool climate{ san francisco} to a hot dry climate. i am so worried the car is going to disintegrate befor e my eyes. i have put rodent blocks in the car and cedar chips to prevent moths. obviously i need to photo document it before doing anything else. what next. this is a caretakers responsibility and i feel this may be my best site for good advice. thanks to all. berry n.