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  1. I'm having the same problem with my 27. I too have done all the things you have, to no avail. Someone come out to see me, and fix what ever is wrong. Help!!!
  2. Look on E-Bay under Dodge. A nice 35 showed up there just today!
  3. I've had no problems removing a head bolt to mount a horn. As to torque, everything I've read about cars of this era, is a general statement about tighting bolts equally. You should have no problems!
  4. Went through this same thing today! I had bought a carb some time ago, just for the float. Never knew what it was for, and it did not fit my 27. Rodger Dodger identified as belonging to a 28 Fast Four! Pictures are a must!!
  5. I used a mobile home rubberized roof coat in white, and that was 9 years ago! Still looks good!
  6. Howdy brother in no starts!! I have a 27 sedan, which sat for 2 years, and wouldn't stay running. It runs until it acts like it dies of fuel loss. I pulled the filter in the tank pick up, no gunk. I had an in line filter, replaced it. Cleaned filter in vacuum tank top, drained carb float bowl, reamed out chamber from bowl to carb, and then as a last resort, pulled an electric fuel pump, as the last thing in the chain. Bypassed the pump area, blew out all the lines, primed the vac tank, and guess what? Still acts the same!! Took the fuel pump apart,and what a surprise!! The ethanol gas made jelly out of the diaphram!! The whole insides was a big blob of rubber!! However, no rubber gunk was found anywhere in the system, so I'm back to page one! Our club has a picnic and car show tomorrow, so as a last resort, I might trailer it there with a for sale sign in it!! Today I'll keep trying, so wish me luck!! Chuck
  7. Why would you not remove the lower hose from the block, and drain it that way? Ive been doing this, and it's quick!
  8. In addition to being ruined, the choice of upholstery used is BUTT UGLY!!!!
  9. How is this puller different than say a 27 Dodge?? Try this guy. He makes pullers for many vehicles. gmcmurtry@embarqmail.com, or call 308=586-
  10. As I recall of 8 years ago, my 27 had very poor bolts. It took heat and and a penetrtating oil to get them out. I used a grade 8 bolt for replacements. WSorked for me!!
  11. From what I've been told, leakage was considered normal years ago. The saying I heard was "when the leaking stops, the trouble starts"! Just thought I'd throw this in! HA HA
  12. Go to a kitchen store, and buy one of their thin cutting sheets. Probably will work!!
  13. I agree with Vern! The trim moulds quite easily, and why would you want the back side open for water and mud to enter?
  14. That is his e-mail address. Google Romar, Titusville,PA. Another to try is Restoration Supply in Wibner, Pa.
  15. Try romar@mail.usachoice.net That's where I got mine some years ago!
  16. More pictures please! By the way, look under the front seat cushion. Lots of room under there for storage!
  17. Contact me at jaehawks@msn.com and send me your e-mail. I will be able to send a picture. I have to go to the Depot, so I'll look also. Maybe a part #?
  18. The edging came from Home Depot or Lowes, and wasn't expensive.
  19. On my 27, I used a counter top aluminum edging, that matched the zinc that was bad. Worked out quite well!
  20. Well then, lets say it's flexible!
  21. I replaced mine with a soft rubber strap from Lebaron Bonny, which was used on Ford products. They work just fine! Good luck!
  22. I took my old gaskets, to at a time, Schucks store, now known here as O'rileys, and they matched it to a foreign gasket, I believe Honda. Whoa!! Very good!!
  23. I had the same problem, and pulled my hair out trying to find a fix. Finally got rid of the antifreeze, and added a rust inhibitor and water. Sofar so good!! I think the antifreeze is too slick, and it weeps past the seals. Good luck!!
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