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  1. Thanks all!! Had a couple replies, and they are varied. I'll go with Dave, and Keiser, and 1 other reply I had.
  2. Looks to me like part of a coil to keep the hose from collapsing. Just a WAG however!!
  3. Does anyone know why some cars had bronze emblems, and others the glazed ones? My 27 has bronze, and I'm curious as to what other years did also. Thanks, Chuck
  4. Forgot to mention, I put all new flaps in the rims, and dealt with Coker Tire, who at that time had everything I needed.
  5. When I started the restoration of my car, the first thing I wanted to do was get the tires to a reliable state. In the process, I found one of them had an odd sized tube, inflated to a lesser degree, to fit the tire. Could have been a truck tube!! Us old guys make things work!!
  6. Would a truck tire or a RV tube work?? I know that some have bent valves for dual rims. Good luck!!
  7. I have a 27 Dodge Brothers sedan, and in doing the spokes, I made a lazy suzen affair to allow me to rotate the wheel, while working on the spokes. My spokes were factory painted blue, and tough to get the paint off. It took me about 40 hours a wheel to get it all off by using the most powerful paint remover and then having to scrape the rest off. Final finish was a marine grade varnish, and it sure looks good!!!
  8. The seal in my 27 DB is a felt ring, in the shape of the grooved bottom. Probably was never considered to stop water, but just air! Chuck
  9. Are you using anti freeze?? I packed and repacked mine numerous times, but did not stop leaking. Not much leaking, but annoying! The solution I found, was to use water, like they did back then. No drips!! I finally concluded that antifreeze is too slick, and not available then. I recall they used rubbing alcohol, and drained the car in winter. Good luck!! Chuck
  10. This last note did get through!! I'll try again sometime!!
  11. This is a test. Why can I not post an answer? Seems like no matter what I try, it goes nowhere!! Help!!
  12. You have a late 26. My 27 has a padded top with the visor being part of the roof. I also have rear brakes only, internal emergency pads, external brake shoes. Got lots of pictures which I can send, if I have your e-mail address. Chuck
  13. I had a member of the DBC warn me to not try and get ths functional, as it may cause you more troubels than it's worth!! Your call!!
  14. Thumb locks are available from Model A suppliers. Try LeBARON BONNEY part #WD 118. My 27 needed the same amount.
  15. I have a 27 Dodge Sedan that I restored to original, and I swear to the quality of their product. Easy enough for the lay man to repair and enjoy!!!!!
  16. It is a spray in a hand held can. Rattle can is what some people call them, as there is a marble in it to mix the paint.
  17. Mine were in tarnished state, so after cleaning, I sprayed them with an aluminum rattle can. Now they look great, and much like the original aluminum!!
  18. After years of looking, mine apeared 2 miles from my house, on a road I drove daily!! I called the wife, picked her up, and went back to talk to the gentleman. While talking, 2 cars pulled up, guys jumped out, and they were touching MY CAR!!! I asked the gentleman how much, and I said SOLD!! He delivered it the next day! It took 4 years of on and off work, but what a pleasure working on it was! It had all the original parts, but door window mechanism handles were falling apart, as was any other things made of pot metal. Luckily for me, I found NOS parts I needed. As to the headlight lens, mine are stamped DB, and I found some others at the Portland OR swap in April of each year. I know the excitement of the chase, And I enjoyed every minute of it! I now have 2 Grandsons interested in working on it, and it will be in the family for years to come! I can send pictures if I have an E-mail address for you. KEEP ON DODGEING!!!
  19. Go to the site called of Lebaron Bonny, and see the straps they have. They are a Model A supplier, and had the correct straps for my doors. Back in that era, some car builders used any one who could supply them with parts, rather than trying to make their own.
  20. Figure the odds of finding those beautiful interior handles and window winders??? The owner is indeed very lucky!!
  21. As an insite, my car was registered in Washington State with the body number stamped on the fire wall!! So much for continuity!!
  22. I have a 27 sedan that had the spokes painted a dark blue color. Having decided to finish them natural, I tried a few paint removers, but nothing touched the paint. I finally had to scrape each wheel, (40 hours) to get to wood I could stain. I used a "golden oak" stain, and then finished them with spar varnish. The final look was worth it!!
  23. I found one item common for my 27, and it was the interior door lock levers.
  24. I found many during restoration of my 27 sedan. They are unique, so I look for them at swap meets. Getting hard to find!
  25. I found a good substitue in a local hardware store. It is an older independent store, and not Home Depot, or Lowe's. It is a rivet top screw base, threaded inside, and accepts a similar screw that screws into it from the back side. I've also seen these at Tandy Leather, and they used them like a fancy rivet in belts, etc. Or try a shoe repair shop. I'm sure they have a name, but I bought them by a handful, so can't help in this regard. Lots of luck!!
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